Clay County Courthouse

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The following transactions took place at the Clay County Courthouse Nov. 6-10:

Clay Superior Court -- Civil

Midland Funding Vs. James R. Owsley: Civil Collections

Midland Funding Vs. Justin M. Shonkwiler: Civil Collections

Beth M. Hughes Vs. Carl A. Hughes: Domestic Relations

RLW Accounts Vs. Edna Davis: Civil Collections

Clay Circuit Court -- Civil

Capital One Bank Vs. Ginger Smith: Civil Collections

Beneficial Financial, Inc. Vs. Brad Frazee: Civil Collections

Midland Funding Vs. Randy L. McPeak: Civil Collections

Midland Funding Vs. Pamela Campbell: Civil Collections

Midland Funding Vs. Jennifer L. Rodgers: Civil Collections

Small Claims

American Rental Vs. Rose Batchelor: Small Claims

American Rental Vs. Jayme Aubrey: Small Claims

Med-1 Solutions, LLC Vs. the following list of individual defendants: Meghan Cooper, Jennifer Calandrilla, Ricky Sutton Jr., Rickey Michael, William Draper, Jesse Minor, Edward M. Schofield Sr., Janie Miller, Robert Knierim, Donald Young, John Stephenson, William Pilkin, Charles Corn, Christine Patterson, Marry Stephenson and Jacob Dean: Small Claims

Spurr Law Offices Vs. John Stadler: Small Claims

James Feller and Alan Feller Vs. Angela Metz and Brian Haile: Small Claims

Marriage License Applications

William R. Speck, 21, Brazil, and Cassie Michelle Scott, 21, Brazil

State Criminal Charges

Ryan J. Fontanyi, 27: 1. Operating a vehicle while intoxicated -- Endangering a person 2. Driving while suspended

Thomas W. Floyd, 44: 1. Operating a vehicle after forfeiture of license for life 2. Possession of marijuana 3. Possession of paraphernalia

Christopher A. Hamaker, 37: 1. Burglary 2. Theft