Letter to the Editor

Looking for witnesses to history

Sunday, November 15, 2009

To the Editor:

(On Monday, Nov. 9, 2009), the world recognized the fall of the Berlin Wall that came down 20 years ago.

I first heard it on the news (Monday, Nov. 9, on WTWO) so I called the TV station to inquire on how to contact anyone that may have been there when the wall was built in August 1961.

I told her I was there then and she must have thought I was a prank caller.

The fact is, I was there and I saw every foot of it go up.

I was with the US 6th Infantry, 2nd Battle Group from 1960-64.

I was also serving in Berlin when President Kennedy was shot.

If there is anyone else in your publication area that was there, I would like to contact them. Anyone who may be interested in learning what I saw first hand, they may e-mail me.

Thank you,

Charles H. Jones, US Army, Retired,


P.S. -- I was with the 6th Infantry Honor Guard and we performed for President Kennedy and the Ed Sullivan Show.

I was very honored to see President Kennedy from about 6-feet away and salute him.