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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Today is our anniversary. The day of the elopement is as vivid in our minds, as yesterday is. Our bold move caused quite a stir among my kinfolk on that cold November day in 1957, shortly after my eighteenth birthday.

The hot water heated to the boiling point, when I bravely made the announcement that lead to troubled waters.

We both felt the coolness that developed after the heat of the moment.

There has been a lot of hot water under the bridge since but none can compare.

The only family member not complaining was my little sister, Sandra Elaine. She approved of the little sailor, and besides, the old creaky double bed that we shared became whole lot bigger. Sandra inherited my side, by the crack, some extra blanket and a lumpy ticking covered pillow in a print feed sack case!" That was good stuff, to us, in the day!

My thoughtful sibling sent us a beautiful card this year. My sister wrote, "To two of the nicest friends and kin-- I knew you would make it!"

We believed that as well.

This week, our youngest granddaughter, Mary Shannon Patrick, age (thirteen) packed her bags and sea foam green Fender electric guitar and ventured out on her own, via plane.

The gifted scholar attended the National Youth Leaders State Conference, just outside of Washington D.C in Vienna, Va.

Last year the sixth grader was nominated by her teacher to represent the Front, Royal, Va. -Washington D.C. area. Mary was in the process of moving to Denver at the time and could not honor the opportunity.

This year, the same mentor nominated the seventh grader from afar, again. Off my namesake went across country to the three-day Congress sponsored event.

Each student is selected for nomination based on academic achievement, or classroom surveys, as well as by distinguished educators. It is designed to foster and inspire young people to achieve their full leadership potential. Now she is an alumnus.

Two weeks ago, The Ellen Show featured a segment displaying the projects of young inventors. Two children were students of our eldest granddaughter at Delaware Trails Elementary School, in Brownsburg last year.

President Obama's brief speech pre-empted a portion of the program the morning the show aired. I saw the invention of a little girl that came up with stick- on high heels that functioned quite well. I missed the male student's project. Lindsay informed me that the gifted students received laptop computers after the show. It truly was a day the kids and Mrs. Terry will remember forever.

Marjorie L. Kittle 1912-2009

I was saddened to read of the death of Mrs. Kittle. Although, I never met her, in a special way, our paths crossed in July of 2002.

By request of her son, Keith Kittle and family, I penned a poem to honor his aging mother on her 90th birthday that year.

With the help of a priceless picture of a pretty little girl named Marjorie and her playmates and information provided by Keith and Connie during several conversations; Marjorie's poem unfolded and soon after found its way to her, via The Clay City News and a unique family presentation.

Authority told this writer of simple poetry and other things that she was very pleased.

Mrs. Kittle's obituary read, "She spent her life raising and caring for family. She was a lifelong member of New Hope Baptist Church." It was and is clear to me; she was a very special woman.

This is her poem---

A Message to Mother

Mother, I thought I should tell you on your special day,

What I have tucked away, within my heart,

Yet never seem to find words to say.

I was thumbing through some old family pictures

And I happened upon one of you

I began to reflect back to my own childhood

And some of the things you and I used to do.

I can still hear your call,

As you beckoned me in each day

And sense your display of authority,

Like that old picture seemed to say.

I can still see the table set before us,

As we bowed our heads in prayer;

I always gave a heaping helping of thanks,

Because I was grateful, you were there.

Maybe you thought I didn't notice

The entire good God graced upon you,

However, I watched you open up your heart

And let your love shine through.

So, Happy Birthday Mother!

You have earned your special day

You are an angel and a keeper

In each and every way!

Mary Lou Lynch Sartor

I send my condolence to the Keith, Connie and family. I am thinking of you.

Well folks, I will be back next week.

Now it's "Tootie's time. The adorable mini dachshund is pacing the floor. I am not sure at this point what she wants.

I can be reached by phone at 446-4852 or by email at pmlsartor@aol.com