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Harmony Happenings

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Neighbors along US 40 in Harmony have begun to think they have the new Bermuda Triangle. Having two vehicles run off the highway in nearly the same spot during the same week is a little scary. The two situations were completely different. One driver was moving at a high rate of speed and lost control while the other was just sick, minding his own business, and heading home. Both ended up in somebody's yard damaging property.

When things like this happen, folks start talking about what they have seen and heard.

Naturally, everyone wants someone to do something to correct whatever is the problem. Although no one can stop every accident, there are some situations of law breaking that need to be addressed.

One couple had a near miss just a few blocks farther east this week, too. They had just passed Great Dane heading back home to Harmony.

Suddenly a black pick-up truck was headed straight toward them at a high rate of speed. They hit the brakes and swerved as far off the road as possible.

Horns blared behind them as another driver tried to get out of the way.

The black pickup continued to drive east in the westbound lane, turned around across from the Big Dog, and sped past them again, this time going in the right direction.

The truck then turned and flew down Harmony Road. An innocent bystander said, "that pickup driver was either on drugs or had a suicide wish."

Any of us who regularly have to pull out on the highway or Harmony Road know there are folks that are not just going a couple of miles over the speed limit. Some are driving as if there is no limit at all.

The people that live along US 40 have been concerned about the speeders, loud music, and black smoke for quite awhile.

The Town Council members have done what they can to pass ordinances against the noise and pollution. This gives the authority to the marshall or other law officers to arrest the offenders when they catch them.

Law officers cannot be in Harmony all the time. One of my neighbors said that she often sees state troopers checking the area at the time she comes home. Apparently, speeders have learned their routine and do their racing at other times.

Even those of us living several blocks from the highway can sometimes hear cars that seem to be racing. We can feel the vibrations of music that is beyond loud.

Usually this happens in the middle of the night when the houses are quiet enough to hear it and the racers are loud.

I don't know the answer to catching all the speeders. Maybe we could try to get license numbers and report them to the authorities.

Sometimes accidents just happen even when no one is at fault. Believe me I know about that. Accidents that happen because someone is under the influence and/or speeding need to be prosecuted.

Help the law enforcement folks because they cannot be everywhere all the time. Let them know if you see racing happening at a particular time every night. Describe offending vehicles.

If we all work together, maybe we can solve the problem or at least lessen it.

One of the neighbors that lives along US 40 said that she is afraid to let her granddaughter accompany her to the mailbox.

The little girl loves to help get the mail but grandma fears for her safety even if she goes with her. That is not what we want in Harmony.

Most of us like being in a sleepy little town like this. We have neighbors that work hard and almost all are good honest people. We have great churches, nice businesses, good streets, a pretty park. This is a good place to live. It is not a racetrack.

The speed limit is 45 in Harmony. The sign is not a suggestion or a comic strip. It is the law. Whether the offenders are local or just passing through, they need to obey the signs.

One street in Knightsville has sure cured any speeders. Not even a tank would hold together if it ran full speed on Lord's Way. I can't resist yard sale signs and there were three in Knightsville Saturday. I stopped at the first two and then headed over by the nursing home to check out the third one. They need to change the name of the street from Lord's Way to Devil's Dents. At 5 MPH, I could barely negotiate it. Moon craters would be smoother.

Drivers had tried to miss the craters and had worn curves into several lawns. Those neighbors had placed bricks or concrete blocks to try to keep some boundary to their yards.

I guess Lord's Way is just proof of the budget crunches because I know the county road folks are out there working hard every day.

The Harmony United Methodist Church Stewardship/Thanksgiving Dinner will be this Sunday starting at noon. This will be a time to fellowship with one another, eat a great meal, and make commitments to help the church during the year ahead. Like many churches, we are struggling.

We need more warm caring folks to join our family. We need to pay our bills, send money to help other Methodists activities, and help with all the local missions that we can. It a good thing.

Folks attending the Stewardship Dinner are asked to bring a dessert, salad, or other covered dish. Table service, drinks, bread, meat, cheese potatoes, and baked beans will be provided. Contact Judy Maurer or Brenda Shorter if you need additional information. Anyone who has not been able to be with us recently is encouraged to join us for dinner.

Everyone is reminded to bring food items for the needy on Sunday, too.

These should be packaged or canned items. David Brinson circulated a list on Sunday. If you were not at church and would like to make a contribution, contact David.

The United Methodist Men will meet at Bethel on Saturday, Nov. 21 for breakfast. The meal starts at 8 a.m.

Knightsville United Methodist is hosting a Zumba Exercise Class. It meets at 5:30 p.m., on Sunday evenings. Participants are asked for a $3 donation if possible. For the next two weeks, anyone bringing canned food will get a $1 discount.

We can tell that I don't know too much about exercise class but the TV commercials for Zumba make it look like fun.

I used to love low impact aerobics. Zumba looks a little faster. Check it out.

Share Food Pick-up is this Saturday, Nov. 21, at First Christian Church.

It is not too late to sign up for the Beef and Boards Christmas Spectacular on Dec. 17. The cost for the dinner theater is $77.

This pays for the transportation, meal, and entertainment. Participants can just sit back and enjoy. You don't have to be a member of the Clay County Retired Teachers to participate. Robin Swalls at Riddell Bank is handling the reservations and making the arrangements for us. As of Wednesday morning, several seats were full but some space was still available. Call the main branch of Riddell National Bank and ask for Robin.

Welcome to the new neighbors on Jackson Street. Nikki Davis, husband, and little Harper are buying Grandpa's house. There are new neighbors at the blue rental on the other end of Jackson and someone appears to have bought the white house next to Nikki, too. I haven't met them yet but wanted to say welcome to the best little street in Harmony.

Happy Birthday to Kenda Dierdorf & Suzy Morgan (20th), Nikki Davis (Sorry, I forgot the married name) (23rd), William Osborn & Meaka Sanders Barnett (25th), Jim Clausen (29th). Happy Anniversary to Travis and Christian Jones & George and Sarah Lawrence (27th), Dan and Nancy Pell (30th).

Harmony United Methodist Calendar

Nov. 19 -- Pastor Parish Meeting 6:30

Nov. 22 -- Worship Service 9 a.m., Sunday School 10:45, Stewardship Dinner-Noon

Nov. 24 -- Christian Bowling League 6:30 p.m.

Nov. 25 -- Clay County Quilters 10-3, Bible Study 9 a.m.