Letter to the Editor

Country needs more morals

Sunday, November 22, 2009

To the Editor:

Don't ask Don't tell was a moral compromise in the first place by the Clinton Administration in 1993.

Which leads to the point, moral compromise. This seems to be this country's thinking these days.

It's no longer about what's right and wrong, it's about appeasing those who believe that morality is relative to the times.

I disagree with this notion. Our country was founded on the principle of morality. Don't ask Don't tell was just one of the ongoing policies made to "not offend" people.

Now they want to change to policy to allow openly gay people into the military, which would make morals more relative to the present.

If we live on the notion that everything is relative to the times, then we walk a path of destruction.

The degradation of our country and society is at hand and the sad part of it is that no one seems to care.

If we continue to allow these things to occur, than this country, which was founded on the basis of the relationship of God's natural law and humanity, will slowly, if not quickly, perish.

Man's natural law leads to no law at all. Each time we chip away at God's natural law, we become closer to destruction as a nation and as a people.

A nation without God equals a nation without morals, which equals no nation at all.

One Nation under God. Indivisible?

The path we tread now says otherwise.

Kevin D. Sellers,