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Plenty of reasons to be thankful

Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's that time of year again.

A time where friends and family come together for a day of fellowship, food and fun.

And, football, of course.

Thanksgiving is Thursday. Most shops will be closed, giving residents an opportunity to take a breather, spend time with family and be thankful for the surroundings.

I -- as I'm sure you all do as well -- have plenty to be thankful for this year.

For one, I'm thankful that I've made it through this year relatively healthy. Sure, I have had the few cases of the sniffles, as most do, but heading into the holiday season, things seem to be going quite well.

I'm thankful I have a family to go home to every evening after a long day at the office.

I have my fiancée and our two dogs.

Unconditional love truly is inspiring. Nothing makes me smile more than seeing our two dogs come running to the door to greet me.

Being able to come home every evening and greet my fiancée is truly wonderful as well. Spending time together means more and more every day.

I am eternally grateful for the day I met Merry and she has become the beacon of light in my life.

I am thankful I am employed and work with such wonderful people. Honestly, a person can't ask for more than that.

I enjoy getting up every morning and preparing for work. I enjoy coming to the office and sharing conversation with my colleagues. I enjoy the laughter we share. I enjoy the process of putting together the newspaper. And I couldn't think of better people to work with.

I'm thankful my entire family is healthy.

Sure, my family has been through the roller coaster known as 2009. We've had our ups and we've had our downs. But, like others, we have persevered.

I am thankful that all around me are in good health. I have always been truly honored to be blessed with so many wonderful friends and associates.

I'm thankful that my fiancée, two dogs and I have a roof over our head. I was never a big fan of "The Wizard of Oz," but Dorothy couldn't have exclaimed it better when she stated, "There's no place like home."

There really isn't. Home truly is where the heart is.

I am thankful and extend heaps of gratitude for the troops that keep our beautiful country safe. Keep all military personnel in your thoughts this Thursday.

I'm also thankful that our television is big enough to enjoy two football games Thursday afternoon. Yes, I have to admit, I am looking forward to Thanksgiving football, as I always do.

I am thankful and hope all of you can take time out this Thursday, even if for only a few minutes, to think about what it is that you are thankful about.

After all, that's what the season is about.

I can remember as a child, watching the adults in my family scurry through my grandparent's home (well, the female adults, honestly. The male adults were plopped on couches and chairs in the living room watching football).

But no matter how frantic those last few minutes were before you had the opportunity to sink your teeth into that first piece of turkey, everyone welcomed the opportunity to share with each other. Everyone welcomed the chance to be in the same space, at the same time.

It is a wonderful moment.

The Brazil Times wishes all of you a Happy Thanksgiving.

May you all be thankful for everything that surrounds you.

May your holiday be splendid, eventful and fruitful.

We are truly thankful to all of you and hope your Thanksgiving is as wonderful as it possibly can be.

Enjoy turkey day!

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