Letter to the Editor

Stay closed during the holidays

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

To the Editor:

We certainly live in a time with large and looming concerns, whether it be wars, job loses, government run healthcare or, obviously, being right with the Lord.

With that said, it seems sad to me there are a growing number of businesses that are advertising that they will be open on Thanksgiving Day.

I know we live in a global economy that runs 24-7, but there are days that most businesses should just be closed.

With 24-hour this and materialistic that available everywhere, what's the harm in just shutting the whole machine down for a day, especially when that day is typically dedicated to family and the giving of thanks?

Buy your stuff on Wednesday or wait until Friday at 5 a.m. Give the workers a day to be with their families too. Do you really need a cheeseburger on Thanksgiving? Is a shot at a cheap TV worth the dozens of people who will miss a day with their families?

Do all these workers a favor and shop Wednesday and enjoy family on Thursday.

Get up early on Friday and go prize hunting. Otherwise, let it all be closed.

By the way, if you agree and see a sign indicating that a store that you frequent will be open on Thanksgiving Day, ask to see the manager and tell them your opinion.

Customers have a lot of sway over business practices. So express yours.

Rob Dispennett,