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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I miss the family during the Thanksgiving holiday. This year, again, we will sit down to a feast for two.

It is a blessing our children and their families are healthy and happy. They celebrate their own traditions.

A few years ago, a very nice woman, a volunteer at the Clay County Food Pantry, sent me a lovely and beautifully hand-scribed letter and the following article. It appeared in The Brazil Times in 1977. I give full credit to the author of this fine piece.

This writer feels, strongly that "Old Fashioned Blessings" deserves to be revisited by the readership.

Thanksgiving in Brazil

All- American




With the turkey trimmed, the stuffing stuffed, the cranberries sauced, the pumpkin pied, the fruits in compotes and all of it spread out before the family gathered, it would be easy to lose sight of the meaning of the holiday we celebrate tomorrow.

It is the only All-American holiday - started by Americans and preserved by Americans.

Sometimes we lose sight of it between the Trick- or -Treating and the Happy Holidaying. Or it gets covered up by all of the feasting and frivolity.

As you sit down to your feast tomorrow, think a moment of the first celebrators and the real meaning of the day.

Take a moment to be thankful for your All- American blessings on this All-American Holiday.

Time to be thankful ... for children the hope of the future, the joy of today.

... for a sense of history and being in our nation, and for the 201 years that America -- with the grace of God and the gifts of mankind--has used to grow and flourish and strengthen and breathe for each person and air of democracy.

... for the on coming winter and with it the sign that there is a power greater than all of us, a power that can landscape the country in a million ways - all at the same time.

... for the American men and women who serve the grand old flag at home and not cubby-holed in a foreign port.

... for all things green and growing; all things bright and beautiful.

... for the love of people who make it all possible

... for equality.

... for the comforts of the 20th century; the comforts developed through the endless powers and ingenuity of mankind's mind.

... for hope

... for the white -coated doctors, scientists and researchers who are snuffing out the diseases that take away those we love.

... for the abundance of food and the ability to buy it as we wish.

... for the right to speak up or out, for or against something, and not be chastised for our thoughts.

... for the technology that has brought the nations of our world closer to our shores and let us to begin to believe in and work for the brotherhood of man.

... for e flowers and autumn leaves and the artwork of Mother Nature.

... for the miracle of tomorrow.

Thank you, Mrs. Thomas. I admire you and am truly grateful. Your thoughtfulness touched my heart.

Time passed. Now, we Americans find ourselves in the 21st century, decades later ... and more. The blessings mount.

God continues to bless America and God continues to bless you and me. He is the greatest of our friends.

The folks that live in the little blue house at the end of the road wish you a Happy Holiday!

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