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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I just visited the henhouse. The barred rock hens began their laying cycle and boy they are shining in my eyes. I love brown eggs, homespun.

My happy song and their cackling chorus touched the rooster. He cleared his throat today.

I felt sad when I came upon a perfectly healthy looking baby opossum, dead as a doornail beneath the young catalpa tree in the backyard. Maybe it fell from the catchall of its warm mother. Could be, he was the ugly duckling of the outfit. No matter, the deceased youngster will get a decent burial, at no cost--in a secret location.

Our cat Trek likes to dig up the dead and dump his problems on them. That cold-blooded killer watched me bury the Blue Jay. My big boy scratched at the site and left a small contribution to the family. Then, the yellow Tomcat rolled over and expected me to say, "Nice job!" It did not happen.

Paul Baby survived the excitement of "Black Friday." He reports Sears was a madhouse very early Friday morning. Shoppers were spending--cash was flowing and plastic was popular. Spirits were high!

Paul was exhausted when he arrived home late in the afternoon. After a nice meal, the salesperson that lost a night's sleep was pretty much out of it until the next morning and time to put his best foot forward again.

My husband was taken aback yesterday when an elderly lady that he waited on the previous week came into Sears and asked for him. She handed the salesman a small card made by Universal Design, Inc. The name Paul appears at the top. Beneath his name is the word "Humble."

The message is from Isaiah 40:31--But they that wait upon the lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles.

I thought that was very nice.

I am sprucing up the interior walls of the little blue house at the end of the road with a fresh coat of paint. The living room ceiling is smiling already.

Now everyone around me knows I do most housekeeping chores the old-fashioned way. Heavy-duty tasks such as painting are worked the same. I painted the house several times since I moved back to Elm Street, over two decades ago.

I used quality blue paint and small sized brushes to accomplish that, no problem.

Several yeas ago, Paul and I deep cleaned the floor and painted the interior of the Nicolas Loan building that had then, been recently vacated by The Brazil Gazette newspaper.

The brick patterned vinyl wall covering on east wall was handled like a delicate hand wash.

After painting the walls, we spent hours cleaning years of accumulated dirt from the tiled floor on our hands and knees. When the flooring was spic and span and dry, we polished it.

We gave our all to that cool building in December of that year. The night before Christmas the project was completed.

When Economic Development was ready to move in, our boss, the late Jack Pickett was pleased with what elbow grease, simple cleaning solutions, small tools and a few cans of paint from Bob Dix could do.

Vinegar and water, old rags and newspaper can make windows on main street sparkle like the morning dew.

I have used that method of window cleaning ever since I was fourteen years old. The late Francis Hayward, my first employer, taught me excellent cleaning tricks, back in the day, that still prove to be worthwhile.

So, here by my side is a new gadget that Paul Baby gifted me with, intended to make my painting experience a little easier. He saw it on TV and yep Sears has them. It is called Point 'n Paint.

The company claims an entire room can be finished in less than an hour. That is, if all of the paintings, photos, nick- knacks, unexplainable cracks are sealed and lady bugs and spiders are exterminated before the trial run.

No taping is required before use of the ergonomically designed painting tool. The paint pads hold eight times more paint. Imagine that.

It looks easy, even for me, but I'll keep a brush and roller handy, just in case my left hand gets tired of toying with magic. I'll let you know.

Are you an apple pie lover? Last night, while a late dinner was still in the planning stage, I decided to fix something a wee bit special for dessert.

I spotted the shiny red apples in the ornately painted graniteware pan on the counter. It was clear to see they could use a little action. I thought about stewing the fruit and, then; I found myself making pie crust.

I created another mess and that well worth it. The pie's filling consisted of uniformly slice juicy apples, a fine blend of sugar, flour, cinnamon, nutmeg, a pinch of clove and salt.

Then I decided to add a few generous spoonfuls of Ocean Spray whole cranberries to the apple slices and other ingredients. That looked ok to me. I closed the pie with a top crust and brushed it with egg white. A small amount of sugar was sprinkled on the top.

Then, so the apple of my eye would be extra pleased with my pie, I chopped cup of English walnuts fine and scattered the nutmeat on the surface of the crust to toast as the decadent dessert baked.

The sound of late Mary Patton's voice is still resonating in my ear. Once she said, when speaking of apple pie, "The pie is best when the juices spill out into the oven. Give all the flavors enough time to marry." I did as my longtime friend the gifted cook suggested.

Of course a foil covered cookie sheet took care of spillage.

When my creation was done I proudly placed it on the rack to cool - a beautiful pie fit for the king and me, of course!

After dinner we happy and grateful seniors enjoyed that delicious best-ever warm homemade apple pie, alamode style, with full scoops of vanilla Party- Pail ice cream. Yum!

This old girl pushed the Weight Watcher scales out of sight, temporarily. There is more where those two generous pieces came from!

I look forward to tomorrow! Who knows what simple pleasures will unfold before my eyes and at my fingertips.

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