Letter to the Editor

Reader reacts to Christmas spirit

Sunday, December 6, 2009

To the Editor:

With Christmas season fast approaching, I felt it necessary to send this incident that happened to me yesterday.

As we all know, ill will and hatred exists in our world today, so I felt compelled to relate this.

We have a lady at our church at Good Tidings Tabernacle, who was put out of her home. We undertook to help her by letting her live in a trailer on the church property. The furnace in the trailer quit working a couple of days ago and she was without heat. We tried in Brazil, Terre Haute, and surrounding areas to find a motor for the furnace without much success. It was a special motor that we needed to fit in the furnace of our mobile home.

As what appeared the last chance on finding this motor, on the advice of a Terre Haute business, I called Homes Express Mobil Homes in Brazil. After talking with Stephanie Browning, she indicated they may have a motor. She contacted John Smith, their service manager, and in checking their stock, he found one he thought would work.

I went directly to get it, for it was closing time. When I asked the cost, (business owner Janyne Merritt), told me, "Merry Christmas, since you are a church trying to help others."

We took the motor to church and gave it to our maintenance man, John Hayes. He informed me the wiring was different from the old motor, so it wouldn't work. Again, I called Homes Express and talked with John Smith, who put me in touch with Bill Dillman. Even though it was late in the evening, Mr. Dillman came to help, doing the re-wiring that was needed.

So again, I wanted to inform there are people right here in our home town that believe in brotherly love and show it. It is our prayer that this Christ-like spirit will prevail through the Christmas season and into the coming year.


Pastor Buddy Kline,