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Harmony Happenings

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I don't have much news this week because I have been cooped up with the pig croup, or something, for about two weeks. I had a couple days of recovery and then started coughing, totally lost my voice (some call that a blessing), and have just been whining whispers ever since. I coughed so hard, I think the wallpaper has loosen from the walls. My good allergy doctor moved out of state a few months ago so I am off to see a new one at Terre Haute next week. Hopefully, that will help.

My little Ford Ranger is still under the weather, too. It is in the truck hospital. Pat at Bowen has told me it will be done soon. This Wednesday will be two months since it rolled down that hill. I had to return the rental Ram before Thanksgiving so I am truckless for the time being.

Old Envoy is still going strong, and loves the snow, so no Christmas shopping will go undone. That is I can shop if I ever start breathing and stop leaving a trail of Kleenex wherever I go. Needless to say, my only recent trips have been to Dr. Johnson, CVS, and the grocery store.

I carried a matching purple bandana, so no one would have to share my bronchial fits, on my few excursions. Of course, a red handkerchief would have gone better with my nose and eye color. How long until spring? Playing in the dirt always makes me feel better.

Brother John and Sister Eva are still talking about their trip to Florida and Disney Cruise with Erin. It is nice for them to have a son-in-law that works for the Cruise Line. While we were chilling here in Harmony, they were lounging on the deck of their stateroom. Brother got so comfortable that he fell asleep and didn't notice that the sun's angle had changed. His feet were extra well done.

John marveled at looking at God's heaven at night and the marathon munching on fine cuisine. Brother has simple tastes: a comfy chair, good food, and most of all his wife and daughter.

The Roaches visited markets along the way and someone, who does not like for me to tell her business, got very good at dickering with the vendors. Bargains galore. She also took some absolutely gorgeous pictures through the water. They would be beautiful hung in a bathroom. She had shots of crabs and starfish on the white sand bottom. I told her she should enlarge them, stick on some mats, and sell them. Gorgeous.

Bell and Albert Killion have returned from Florida, too. They visited son Kelly and his family over the Thanksgiving holiday. They had a good trip and we are all glad they came home safely.

Retired teachers and friends will be heading to Beef and Boards for the Christmas Spectacular on Dec. 17. The cost for the dinner theater is $77. This pays for the transportation, meal, and entertainment. I did not get a chance to call Robin to check if seats were still available but haven't heard that the bus is full either. Call Robin Swalls at Riddell Main Branch for more information.

Mary Ann Froderman has made arrangements for all the retired teachers to meet for coffee at Double-N-Diner on Dec. 15. The group will get together at 9 a.m. in the back room away from the smoking section. Hungry folks can order breakfast from the menu. Carolyn Tausig reminds all the retired teachers to bring their tally sheets for community service. The folks on my call list will hear from me as soon as I can talk.

Brother Mikey had a nice birthday supper last Saturday evening but my red nose and I stayed home. I did bake the birthday cake. Caramel Apple Cake subjected to 350 degrees in the oven for an hour should have no germs. My good brothers brought me a plate of all the goodies. I am so glad Karen spoiled her hubby so well because the leftovers were great.

Reminder to the ladies age 50 and over: Don't forget those yearly check-ups. St. Vincent-Clay sent a report this week that my mammogram was normal. That is a piece of mail I always look forward to receiving. The other dreaded check-up is scheduled for Thursday but the pig croup may force a reschedule. Also, remember to have a colonoscopy every three years. Guys, too, on that one.

Food Share pick-up at First Christian Church will be on Saturday, Dec. 19 starting at 9 a.m. I assume the January sign-up day will be the 16th, with pick-up on the 30th. I am sure Sharon Crawford will call me if I have that wrong. Thanks, Sharon.

The Christmas decorations in Harmony look great. Mine, of course, are still in the plastic bags. When I left church a couple of weeks ago, I just sat at the end of the street waiting to pull out on Harmony Road. The folks north of Donna Mullenix had a pretty tree that changed colors among their other decorations. Donna and the Wolf's have their places looking nice, too. Farther down the way, Escotts have such a pretty display and the folks, I don't know a few houses up, are gorgeous, too. The people with the new porch were putting up some pretty bows and colored lights. You would think after six years here, I would know everyone's name but I don't. Sorry. Thanks for all your efforts for us to enjoy.

Besides all the holiday anticipation, the Roaches are all looking forward to Jan. 7. Niece Erin will be home for a week. Her still-new hubby will have to work. I had already bought a key lime pie and put it in the freezer. That is Joey's favorite but he won't get to enjoy it with us. We will have Erin Christmas on Jan. 9 at my house, minus all the Kleenex and dust bunnies. Hopefully, the decorations will be up by then.