Letter to the Editor

Food Pantry appreciates help

Sunday, December 13, 2009

To the Editor:

Thanks to The Brazil Times, to Brother and Sister Trusty for the opening prayer, to Rev. Ron and Lorie Rector, Jody Sanders and Sister Sanders for transportation and the use of the van for picking up and bringing clients to the meal. It was a blessing.

Thanks to the Saline Community Church, to Rev. Francis Dean, Isaac Dean and the Dean family for cooking.

A special blessing to Rev. C. Moore for working in the kitchen, Sister Dora Harden, Sherie Wheeler, Lonnie Curd, Rev. C. Moore and Brother and Sister Deakins and all from the Bible study group, all that were present for the meal and S. Rubeck for helping in the way to invite friends.

Also, a special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Smith, who rented the Bowling Green Center to me for the meal.

More than 175 people were fed. May the Lord bless all.

President Charlotte Curd from Curd and

Whey Food Pantry,

Bowling Green