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Brazil Buzz

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This is a time of joyous magic, wonder, sacredness and beauty-the happiest of all seasons- the Christmas season.

The spirit of nature brings me peace.

This morning, after my outside chores were completed, I traipsed down the path and thereabouts, behind our house. My walk in the crisp fresh air was invigorating, a time to reflect and enjoy God's country. If only for a little while; I saw so much from my small window.

There is much learned by tracking and observing wildlife, including birds.

Several bright blue jays, frolicking on the light snow cover, beyond the cedars, did not seem frightened by the nosy woman wearing an oversized knitted hat and focusing binoculars on them, within chewing gum spitting distance. I didn't spook them.

If I were a squirrel, those birds would have started a conversation. Not a sound was heard coming out of their shiny black beaks. Not even male birds notice old friendly chicks!

A pair of scarlet red cardinals perched on the dormant grape vines resting on the arbor the showy crested finches were Christmas card perfect sitting front side of the snow kissed cedar's branches in the background.

All of the trees that constitute our windbreak are full of life- the habitat accepts birds of all feathers, the more the merrier and anything else that has need of shelter.

Since my late father is not around to hunt rabbits and a memory of the sounds of a pack of mouthy beagles cannot run them down, the cottontail population increased. Spotting them is a sure thing and tracking is a cinch.

That elusive shed wrecking groundhog is hibernating or dead. His status wasn't priority today. The smell of mothballs drove me away.

I saw a fine flock of turkeys grabbing a quick lunch in the field this morning. They work the field frequently.

A large flock of wild Canadian geese flew overhead in V formation earlier in the week. I heard honking, but my guess was that; the interesting waterfowl were squatting on private property nearby.

Then, all too soon, my field trip was over. I knew that Tootie Mae, anxiously, await my return to the little blue house at the end of the road.

I place several freshly gathered brown eggs in the wash pan, then filled her in on the details of my slow moving trod through the woods.

My, not quite new best friend seemed excited, almost interested, but then again; she drank a lot of water while temporarily confined to the safety of her training cage.

She turned her back on my good news and high-tailed it to her comfort station the "Potty Pad," a nice little invention that I picked up at "Petco."

The sneaky snake also had to rid herself of the gift tag that she consumed earlier. I am not sure how that worked out. When she wrapped it up, I found a gift without a tag.

Paul and I have shopping left to do. He has two days off this week of Christmas.

After six fast pace days of power selling at Sears, I do not reckon he will be excited about last minute power shopping.

Brazil Buzz will be back next week during Christmastide, after the red confetti settles and the cobwebs clear my head.

"May your Christmas be as bright as the twinkle in Santa's eye!"

I can be reached by phone at 446-4852 or by email at pmlsartor @ aol.com.