Public Record

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Clay County Courthouse

The following transactions took place at the Clay County Courthouse Jan. 4-7:

Clay Superior Court -- Civil

Everhome Mortgage Company Vs. Leah J. Hood and Capital One Bank: Mortgage Foreclosure

Benjamin Close, Suzanne Close, Timothy Stearley, Kimberly Stearley and Lynn A. Lawson Vs. Lee Gregory, Bradley Miller, Traci Miller, Richard Wilcoxson, Cindy Wilcoxson, Vern Sizemore, Mark Dierdorf and Judie Dierdorf: Miscellaneous Civil

Chase Bank USA NA Vs. Donald K. Buchanan: Civil Collections

Charles A. Bell Vs. Christine L. Bell: Domestic Relations

Clay Circuit Court -- Civil

Discover Bank Vs. Daniel B. Abner: Civil Collections

Julie A. Dooley Vs. Martin L. Dooley Jr.: Domestic Relations

Anna M. Eldridge Vs. Kevin C. Eldridge: Domestic Relations

Hastings Mutual Insurance Company Vs. Clay County Board of Commissioners and Clay County Highway Department: Civil Plenary

Small Claims

David F. Roesch and Sook H. Roesch Vs. David M. Goodman and Susan J. Goodman: Civil Tort

Defield Properties, LLC Vs. Hyidi Allen and Frank Thomas: Small Claims

Professional Accounts Service, Inc. Vs. Jennifer L. Coley and Curtis Coley: Small Claims

Professional Accounts Service, Inc. Vs. Susan Kelley: Small Claims

Med-1 Solutions, LLC Vs. Ronald Batchelor: Small Claims

Marriage License Applications

Thomas A. Floyd Sr., 66, Brazil, and Karen L. Burton, 53, Brazil

State Criminal Charges

Joseph W. Stearley II, 18: 1. Possession of hash oil 2. Possession of paraphernalia

Joseph W. Stearley II, 18 (separate filing): 1. Possession of hash oil 2. Possession of paraphernalia

Jessie A. Sowers, 18: 1. Dealing in a Schedule I controlled substance 2. Possession of a controlled substance 3. Conspiracy to commit theft 4. False informing 5. Interference with the reporting of a crime 6. Visiting a common nuisance

Cody L. Melega, 23: Battery resulting in bodily injury

Carrie A. (Paul)-Woolery, 36: Residential entry

Jonathan Sivley, 18: Possession of marijuana

Michael J. Thompson, 18: Illegal consumption of an alcoholic beverage

Wesley A. Sapp, 32: Domestic battery

Steve A. Gwinn, 51: Battery

Jeffrey Brown, 31: Criminal mischief

Brent E. Morlan, 42: 1. Battery resulting in bodily injury 2. Strangulation