Letter to the Editor

Demand 'lean, frugal' government

Sunday, January 10, 2010

To the Editor:

Except for Gary, Hammond, East Chicago and Whiting in North Lake County, which are political and social extensions of Chicago, the remainder of Northwest Indiana (including South Lake County) are truly Indiana in outlook and values. (Like myself, many are proud graduates of Purdue, Indiana University, or other Indiana universities).

Most have a low tolerance for the kind of rampant corrupt government in North Lake and demand lean and frugal government.

When the Indiana legislature in 2005 created the Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority, LaPorte County officials refused to join. Porter County officials voted to join, but all that voted yes were voted out of office. And current Porter County officials voted to leave the RDA, but are being sued in state court to prevent them from leaving. (The Lake County Council is totally dominated by North Lake and want to tax the healthy areas for the benefit of RDA projects in North Lake).

In 2009, the Indiana legislature created a NWI Regional Transportation Authority (RTW). Fortunately, they included a Nov. 3 referendum. Lake and LaPorte counties refused to hold the referendum, claiming they lacked funds. The vote result in Porter County was no, 4-1. In St. Joseph County, the vote was no, 12-1.

With the Indiana legislature convening in January, I expect the arrogant political class will attempt to make an endrun on the NWI public, through the legislature, to get the RTA. Hoosiers throughout Indiana should oppose any legislature attempt to create any new levels of government in Northwest Indiana or any other region of Indiana. Government should not live better than the average Indiana family in these difficult times.

Thomas Drake,

Munster, Ind.