Letter to the Editor

Program needs pop cans, tabs

Monday, January 18, 2010

To the Editor:

Am I embarrassed asking for cans?

No, far from it. And too, if I pick up beer cans, it's confidential where they came from.

We appreciate the fact that you are helping feed our "Rice for Haiti Children" program.

Also, be assured that all monies collected goes for the rice as our church buys the extra large plastic bags we transport the cans in, and the gas is furnished for the truck and the truck hauls free.

All transactions are so noted for "Rice for Haiti Children."

We haul tabs to the McDonald House in Indianapolis at approximately one million tabs at a time.

This, too, is donated and so noted by McDonald House.

When you think of all the pop cans you can collect and go for a very worthy cause, phone us for pick up at 442-6954, 448-2873 or drop off at Bedwell Tire Shop on East Main Street.

We have one more old timer awaiting an operation and will be out for a while.

And if you can, help by taking tabs off for us.

Our workers are older and we have been losing them each year.

Your help would be appreciated.

Remember Lawrence West in your prayers this week. He has been a regular helper.

Just learned about the major earthquake in Haiti.

All the more reason to ask for your pop cans to help feed the children.

They are located in the mountains outside Port-au-Prince.

Thank you.

Marion "Sarge" Eveland,