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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

All is well in the little blue house at the end of the road this Sunday afternoon.

Tootie Mae looks like a happy papoose. She claimed temporary ownership of my beautiful mauve and white handmade quilt. Our little dachshund bundled up and went to sleep shortly after a shampooing that left her lying in a bed of fragrant roses.

All that is visible is her long up-turned nose and one big ear covered with shiny black hair.

Little sighs lead me to believe she is dreaming sweet dreams.

Paul and I have been dealing with arthritic pain recently. His hips and legs bother him. Today, the fingers of my left hand are swollen, but we cannot let that slow us down. There is much to do before the weather takes another turn for the worse.

Someone ran into a sturdy post that holds the sign that warns drivers to go slow when they approach the curve at the end of Elm Street.

Our main garage stands on the northwest corner of the Lynch homestead property. I do not want anyone to hit Paul Baby's car when he pulls out of the structure or any other vehicle or person, for that matter.

I found the short length of the telephone pole, with sign intact, lying in the ditch. Large sized truck tire tracks marked the muddy path to extra work. Whoever you are, please do not do that again.

Our granddaughter, Olivia Erin Cory lives in Lakewood, Co. She is a student at The Art Institute of Colorado, in Denver.

The young woman is pursuing a career in the culinary field.

Saturday the young chef took her culinary skills to a new level. Olivia's audition for a spot on Hell's Kitchen took place at the school. The reality show airs on Friday evenings, on Fox.

Gordon Ramsey and the producers of "The Biggest Losers" cast amateur chefs for one of their new inspirational cooking shows.

The auditions are open to budding chefs of all walks of life, passionate "foodies" and ultimate hosts and hostesses. Gordon is giving all participants an opportunity to become a Master Chef.

Lori said the food that Livy prepared and presented was delicious.

We wait and wish her the best of luck.

Mother was a good cook, far better than I was. She was all about preparing comfort food, and gathering goodness from our gardens, preserving, preparing home butchered poultry, pork, beef, goat and wild game. She knew nothing of cholesterol, caloric intake or diet restrictions. Geneva Lynch knew how to feed her family.

Our table was loaded with tasty meals and so were we. If it pleased our palates, we ate it, with no complaints. We children were grateful.

A fancy set of china, napkins, candlelight, real silverware or fine linen tablecloths never graced our old table, but our feasts were fit for a most worthy king.

My grandmother Lynch and all of my aunts were excellent cooks. I still prepare turkey, dressing, and many other dishes the same.

Francis Hayward, Mary Holechko, Minnie Bennett Robertson and my mother-in-law Winifred Marie Swain are included among the wonderful cooks that mentored me along the way.

Those women touched my life in a special way and I remember them, fondly.

I owe a special thanks to my home economics teacher, Mrs. Phyllis Hess. She taught me so much. I absorbed knowledge from her mentoring and keep it handy and fresh, as yesterday!

Am I a good cook? I don't know about that, but no one said to throw anything that I cook out the door. Then again, I suppose they fear there might be a last supper around here, if they do.

In May of 1957, Betty Crocker, General Mills, Inc., Home Service Department chose me to represent all of the girls in my class ... my test made the grade and I was honored with the title, "Homemaker of Tomorrow" at Brazil High School.

The path to my future is much shorter now, but I am still cooking and looking for more fish to fry.

I have learned a lot by reading Ivy Jacobs' articles about food. It is obvious that she is a great cook. If she ever writes a cookbook, I will be the first in a long line to obtain a copy.

Ivy brings comfort food and healthier choices to us, deliciously.

Paul and I would like to thank Mike Head and his crew for the outstanding job they did clearing the streets and roads in our town during the last snow event.

I can be reached by phone at 446-4852 or by email at pmlsartor@aol.com.