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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I do not know about you, but I think that I am ready for a heaping helping of sunshine. I looked forward to the January thaw and a rise in the temperature, because there is a lot of outdoor work to do around here.

I did accomplish a lot, but this weather is toying with my arthritis.

Tomorrow I have a doctor appointment. A finger on my left hand swelled almost double in size. The pain is terrific. I cannot be sure of the cause.

Yes, I have a lazy swan shaped pinkie, but the index finger of my left hand has been helping me with my tasks for over seventy years now, without complaints. Now it is on sick leave. A shiny coat of nail lacquer failed improve its appearance.

During one of the last really cold days, while tending to my small menagerie of animals and poultry, outside; the digits of my left forelimb became extremely cold when water splashed on my light-weight utility glove.

I rushed to the house to warm my hands and find a dry more suitable insulated pair.

Soon my very important tools shook it off and felt normal again. Work resumed.

Could be that did not help.

There is another possibility, closer to a reality than a long shot; this old night fighter banged and bruised this big funny looking finger and its friends on the high-backed headboard of my four-poster bed once or twice in the past.

My hands slapped the fellow sleeping next to me in the head, once or twice.

That is not good.

Fact is, my feet spar with the carved foot and end posts of my bed, a session most every night. I don't know why I dance in the dark. I reckon that's part of the game.

The toes hammer away and the bunions beat the wood to a pulp.

I have osteoporosis and more; the therapy necessary to rebuild my thinning bones does not work for me. Side effects surface. I take a supplement with vitamin D and watch my step.

Tomorrow I will ask my provider to straighten out this problem and try not to scream too loudly.

My thirteen years old granddaughter, Mary Shannon Patrick called me with exciting news.

Mary received word that she is accepted to participate in the IB (International Baccalaureate) program.

The globally recognized program prepares gifted students that plan to further their education after high school, for college and a bright future in this ever-changing world.

One of the few high schools that offer the program is located in Lakewood, Colorado.

Last week. Mary's mother enrolled at Westwood College, in Denver, She seeks a BA in Criminal Justice. The busy mother plans to continue working in her supervisory position at the Denver airport, as well.

Lori Ann Sartor Patrick graduated "Class of 1980," Brazil High School.

This week Paul Baby is on vacation. This is the first that he has taken in four years since he gained employment at Sears.

We are staying home and taking life easy, aside of our usual chores.

Because of my ailing digit, there will be no finger painting or wall shadows made.

I will not be stirring the filling of Grandma's recipe for old-fashioned sugar pie, either.

Get-well cards won't be necessary this time; I will get through it, but keep me in your thoughts.

I'll be fine, if I don't have to put my finger on something that my vacationing husband misplaced!

I can be reached by phone at 446-4852 or by email at pmlsartor@aol.com.