Letter to the Editor

Another response to 'play 'em all'

Sunday, February 7, 2010

To the Editor:

This letter is in response to ("Reader says play 'em all," which appeared in the Jan. 25, 2010, issue of The Brazil Times). This is my opinion on parents and athletics.

I also have two children who play sports in school, one in eighth-grade and one in sixth. Sports in schools are a privilege, not a right. My kids are fortunate enough to have parents who devote their time and energy developing their child's skills at such places as YMCA, Wabash Valley Sports Complex, Clay City Youth League, Clay County Youth League, MSA softball and various other traveling teams.

This and at home is where your child learns to play the sports they choose.

Youth leagues are expensive. However, most of them will waive fees if needed and will put your child on a team you can carpool with.

School teams are for your best players to represent their school and home town. Life is not fair. Some kids are better than others.

To those parents who think school sports are all about "play 'em all," take your children to a recreational league, develop his or her skills, then let them showcase what they have learned representing their school.

You cannot put the blame on a coach who has a child for only six short weeks during the season.

Furthermore, the players who have played all year long cannot be blamed for other teammates who choose to play six weeks out of the year. With hard work and dedication, any child can make a name for themselves.


Tony Wolfe,

Clay City