Letter to the Editor

Educator visit area beauty school

Sunday, February 7, 2010
Jennifer Skelton, instructor student, Amber Elder, cosmetology student, Veronica Rogers, Scruples educator and platform artist, and Savanah Pursell, cosmetology student, at Jocie's Beauty School.

To the Editor:

Jocie's Beauty School is very proud to announce that Veronica Rogers visited our school Jan. 28, and again Feb. 4, for an onsite education class for our cosmetology students.

Veronica Rogers has been a Scuples educator and platform artist for eight years. Our students had the experience of learning the latest color techniques.

At Jocie's Beauty School, not only do we find it important to learn all of the required cosmetology techniques, but for them to also experience the latest, most innovative techniques used in salons across the country.

Jocie's Beauty School would also like to thank Brazil and the surrounding communities for their continuing support, making our first year of business a success.

It is a pleasure to serve this community.

Tina Graham,

Jocie's Beauty School