Letter to the Editor

Proud to be 'Too American'

Sunday, February 7, 2010

To the Editor:

I feel this is worth sharing.

I was recently in China and as I sat waiting in an office, I struck up a conversation with a young Chinese fellow.

He lived in New York the last 14 years, but was born in China.

All went well until he said, "My mother thinks I'm getting too American."

In a second, my heart sank and my blood pressure rose.

So, now we are at the point when "being American" is something to avoid?

When my father arrived here at Ellis Island in 1907, it was considered "an honor and a privilege" to be in America.

My four brothers and I, along with millions of others, have fought and died so America can now be "a place to eat and sleep."

I served this country I love twice (Navy and Army).

I am partially disabled from that experience and honor and I am now dead set on become, "too American."

I hope (being 'too American') is still legal.


Robert Pinto,