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Harmony Happenings

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The snow and cold changed my plans for last weekend. Friends at Jasper usually treat me to lunch for my birthday, but the weather was too bad in January. Then February sounded good, but Mother Nature changed that plan, too.

Three old friends and I have always treated each other for our birthdays. Other friends often joined the celebration. The birthday girl always ended up with at least two days of eating out. We did this for Linda in May and Pat in November, too.

Since I moved from Southern Indiana, the birthday tradition has been altered. We would go to Jasper, they would come here, or we would meet somewhere in between the two towns. We have often had a two-day visit at Jasper and have gotten to really catch up on everyone's adventures.

Then Linda and her husband started spending the winters in Florida. The guys in our group have always just tagged along for a good meal and conversation. The ladies made a big deal out of the birthday celebration. Part of the gang had planned to get together last weekend, but we had to cancel our plans, again.

It has been nice to hear from several friends during this cold spell. They have called to check on me, and I have been home with cabin fever, and glad for the interruption. Dr. Jeanne (Harris) Moeschenrose called from Missouri. She was glad to be at her home working on a cold, wintry day. Jeanne was originally a Brazil girl. She lived in Louisville for years and then taught psychology at one of the universities near St. Louis. She is now a counselor for female prisoners. She likes doing the work but would like to move closer to home and family. Her parents and other relatives live in this area.

Old friends from Lake Helmerich are working on their new house as much as possible during all this cold and snow. They said it was going slowly. As always, they report that the lake is beautiful.

Linda who lives in Florida said it was the coldest winter in years. Still they were able to get out and work on their landscaping. My landscaping has rarely been visible in weeks. I watch the birds devour pounds and pounds of birdseed and suet cake. They land on the dried sticks of what used to be flowers and grasses. We shared our stories. Phone friends are such a blessing when the weather gets bad.

Family members check up on each other, too. We call every couple of days just to make sure everything is okay. Please, take time to check on any of your neighbors that live alone just to make sure all is well with them. My aunt Christine made me promise to carry my cell phone when I go outback to fill up feeders or do other chores. Good idea. Suggest it to your buddies, too.

If you have elderly relatives, remember that just going to the mailbox may be tough on them. Help when you can.

I sure miss my little dog. Lady Pugsley is doing fine but she is too big to be a lap dog. Dusty was a terrier. I often look at the Dog Show to pick out exactly what kind he was. He looked just like a silky terrier or a yorkie but he was a little bigger. My ex husband bought him so I never knew for sure.

Pedigree dogs never interested me. There are always plenty of good dogs that need homes. I think Dusty was full-blooded something, but that wasn't why I loved the little guy. My problem is that I need a buddy that doesn't shed due to my allergies.

It is hard to find a non-shedding variety at the Shelter because the history of the animal usually isn't known to the workers. Somewhere there is a lovable little critter that wants to live in Harmony. I'll keep looking.

Our class had Sunday School at Harmony United Methodist last week for the first time in months. We had gotten into a bad habit. Sunday School was canceled a few times due to other events in Fellowship Hall and then we just didn't get back to good practices.

Last week, Pastor Bob Kumpf had brought in a video and a flyer with discussion questions. After he left to head to Lena, we watched as the man in the video quoted and explained scripture while he planted two trees. Judy Maurer acted as teacher and we went through all the questions. Fritz Maurer closed with prayer. Most of us realized how much we had missed having Sunday School and taking that time for Bible Study.

Judy and Susan Maurer will be making homemade donuts for next Sunday. We will have some sweets and coffee to go without sweet study. Looking forward to it, Ladies.

Everyone is welcome to join us. We start Sunday School about 10:45. If you don't have a church home and family, we are always looking for more relatives and friends.

Clay County Christian Quilters did not get to have their meeting last week due to the weather. They are going to discuss having a Monday evening quilting session. It would probably meet every other week from 6-9 p.m.

Folks often say that they would like to learn to quilt or to use their quilting skills with the group.

Many have jobs during the day on Wednesday and can't participate. The ladies would like to know who is interested in coming to work on Monday evenings. Please call Marsha Nicoson at the church 448-2917 if you would like to be one of the Christian Quilters. They have two frames set up in Fellowship Hall at Harmony Methodist and hope to set up a third.

Fritz and Judy Maurer had a wonderful cruise in the Caribbean and are now back home in Harmony.

Dave and Brenda Shorter had a happy announcement at church on Sunday. Their son Shawn is getting married this summer. Best wishes to Shawn and his intended.

Mayme Cox has a new great-grandbaby. Her granddaughter May-gan Mayfield gave birth to a son, Colton James Eveland on Feb. 2. Congrats to May-gan and James.

Mayme had even more good news. Her son Michael Johnson now lives in Houston, Texas. He is marrying a nice lady named Fredna Anderson. They are planning their special day on Easter Sunday in Galveston and then will leave on a honeymoon cruise.

Lena United Methodist is having a Lasagna Dinner and While Elephant Sale on Saturday, Feb. 27, at 6:30 p.m. Everyone is invited.

Happy Birthday to Michael Maurer (18th), Olivia Jade Barnett (21st), Lori Pell (25th), Ron Stanfield (27th).

Events at Harmony United Methodist

Feb. 18 - Admin. Board Meeting 7 p.m.

Feb. 21 - Worship Service 9 a.m., Sunday School 10:30 a.m.

Feb. 22 - HUM Women 7 p.m.

Feb. 23 - Bowling at Brazilian Lanes 6:30 p.m.

Feb. 24 - Bible Study 9 a.m., Clay County Quilters 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

Feb. 27 - Methodist Men's Breakfast 8 a.m.

Call me 448-8734 with your birthdays, news, and announcements, all the Harmony Happenings.