Letter to the Editor

Former resident recalls living in Brazil

Sunday, February 21, 2010

To the Editor:

The short time I lived in Brazil, Ind., I learned to love the small town.

Therefore, when I wrote this poem, I also wanted to send it to someone living currently there.

I remember The Brazil (Daily) Times.

I've been to Brazil many times. I registered for the draft prior to World War II, while in Brazil. I entered the service from New York City.

I realize the United Brethren Union Church no longer exists. The Wesleyan Church is now at that location.

Jackson Street School no longer exists and Brazil High School has a memorial where the school once existed.

I gave a donation to the memorial.

After World War II, I came back to Brazil for a short while, even working for a while at the American Legion Post No. 2 on South Sherfey Street.

(Editor's Note: The following is a poem written by one-time Brazil resident Lathan H. Frayser)

Memories: 1930s

Brazil, Indiana

Brazil High School

Class of 1937

I was a member

Therefore, I remember

Where I lived, school was about a mile away

Some students walked that distance each school day

Weather was of little consequence

After school, there'd be times for play

Leisure -- Time taught us what to do

There were numerous ponds nearby

Children within the neighborhoods

Would swim together, beneath a summer's sky

I visited the United Brethren in Union, Church,

A favored church to me

Located across from Jackson Street School...

Both relevant in my memory

Recalling the past, memories must be

To know how it was, once upon a time

In a distant year from now, today will be

Once ... Upon ... A Time...!

Lathan H. Frayser,