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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I saw five robins yesterday morning. They were feeding in a small snow-free area around the maple tree, outside of the east window of my kitchen.

The birds were in the company of a couple of showy cardinals. It is clear to me the visitors filled up on what they extracted from the soggy soil. All too soon, the visitors moved on.

I believe that coyote that I spotted a week or so ago made quick work of our cat, Gray. We have seen neither hide nor hair of the rescued feral cat. Where can he be?

A warm bed, fluffy covers and plenty of food, water and litter made "old wild and wooly" Gray happy when the air was stale.

When this assistant caregiver filled Gray's saucer with milk poured from a measuring cup, the shy little fellow allowed me to pet him.

I have a feeling he will not be coming home to his bed friend Trek and to us.

Shortly before Christmas, our daughter, Lori Ann Patrick called. She was excited about a find on eBay offered up by Golden Art Gallery. The seller acquired the painting from a very nice estate in Denver.

Lori was determined to own the work. Sure, the landscape would fit nicely into her new home, in Lakewood among her own original works and those of her father and talented off-spring, but more than that; the "30x24" acrylic landscape mounted in a lovely white washed frame was painted and signed by Beatrice S. D'Enbeau , in 1968.

As many of my readers know, she was a gifted Indiana artist and former art teacher that taught in Brazil City Schools several years ago.

Beatrice titled her masterpiece, "Boulder Valley and Town."

The painting offered at $400 would be priceless to the former student.

Regardless of the temptation to buy, she kept the checkbook closed.

Two months or more passed the landscape screamed, "Take me home Lori!"

The procrastinator called the curator of the gallery after they asked for information about the artist that they knew nothing about. Lori offered a brief bio to he or she that reads as follows:

She was my art teacher in Brazil, Indiana from the first grade to the tenth. I credit her with my artistic style. Mrs. D'Embeau was a wonderfully eclectic woman.

The gifted woman had a wide spectrum of artistic interests. She loved to weave and sculpt, as well as paint.

The pieces that stick out, vividly, in my memory were fascinating and a touch of macabre.

One was a painting of a funeral. A teacher was in a casket and several teachers were looking on. There were also at least two paper mache masks with real human teeth.

Her husband was a dentist.

She took me under her wing and worked with many others and me over the years. When I was in the eighth grade, she arranged a showing of her top student's artwork at one of the town's banks.

Later she moved to Colorado and was a curator at a Denver Art Gallery.

A few years ago, my mother gifted me a plate that Mrs. D'Enbeau had created for the Clay County Historical Society. I have the plate displayed in my home.

I feel honored to have known her. I feel blessed to still be creating art and knowing that she would have been proud of me."

The curator found that input interesting, and then informed that the painting sold, earlier.

Who purchased it was immaterial to my daughter.

The curator failed to tell Lori that her husband, Clifford Patrick, purchased a very special gift her, earlier - the painting!

The happy couple celebrated their 15th Wedding Anniversary Valentine's Day.

The Clay County Historical Museum is a good place to start, if you want to learn more about Beatrice D`Enbeau.

I can be reached by phone at 446-4852 or by email at pmlsartor@aol.com.