Letter to the Editor

Offering condolences to Stultz family

Sunday, February 28, 2010

To the Editor:

I would just like the Stultz Family to know how much their son means to everyone.

Stultz Family, you are in our thoughts and prayers. Lots of love sent your way.

Our son Kurt T. Doughty wrote this before he went to boot camp with the Marines. I hope it touches you and many more the way it has touched us.

"The Call"

The blood flows ever out as raging rivers to the sea;

There seems to be an endless source from long lost memory

The young men come to volunteer, to shed their blood once more;

They've heard the call to bleed again upon some distant shore

Why is the call to die so strong that men will heed the call?

Or do they think they're not the ones who will make the final fall

But deep within our inner souls, we know we may be wrong;

That death may be around the corner, our life may not be long

But never mind, we heard the call, we line up in our ranks;

And a great nation will be there to give us all their thanks

They'll build for us a monument; young boys will come to stare;

And they will be the next to go to shed their blood somewhere

We live in honor's call of pain no matter what the cost;

For freedom is what we gain, without it, we are lost

So to us soldiers of now and past,

We stand tall and brave we have fought our hardest to the last

Freedom, our only crave. We have gained freedom for us and others;

Whether people know it or not, we stand together like brothers

And we have gained the things that can't be bought;

Our efforts not in vain for the wars we've fought

So if you hear the call of Honor, Courage and Death;

Listen to it my friend, for even though it might be your final breath,

And from the brave whose blood has been shed;

Your loved ones will lie peacefully in bed.

Written by: Kurt T. Doughty

Lots of love sent your way,

The Hathaway Family,