Letter to the Editor

Visit and donate to area shelter

Sunday, February 28, 2010

To the Editor:

This past week, I have had the opportunity to be at our local Humane Shelter.

If you have never been there, you should make the trip at least once.

Right now, I know the weather is not good, but it is still worth the trip.

It is mind-boggling that there are so many animals that people just discard like trash.

I know there are mitigating circumstances sometimes that requires one to get rid of their animal, but the majority of these animals have just been thrown out.

These animals did not ask to be born, but have the right to live.

If you have lost an animal, be sure to call the shelter to see if it has been brought in there.

Mike, Brenda, Justin and Michael do a wonderful job of caring for these animals, but they need your help.

It takes money to provide for them.

If you can help out with a small or large donation, that would be great.

Or if you cannot give money, which I know the economy is bad right now, maybe you could just provide some dog food or cat food to help feed them.

Of if you have the time, go out and help them by cleaning the pens or walking the dogs.

Our shelter is a no-kill shelter, so they do not put animals down unless absolutely necessary.

But most of all, money is needed to keep this shelter going.

So, if you can find it in your heart to donate even a dollar, it would be very much appreciated.

This shelter is located at 8280 N. CR 125 W., and the phone number is 446-5126.

If you can help in any way, please drop by, call or send a donation.

If you are considering acquiring a dog or cat for your household, please come by the shelter, for they have many that would love to have homes.

They do also have a foster care program that might interest you, where you can take an animal home for a time, but return them.

They look forward to seeing you.

Sharon Lohrman,