Letter to the Editor

Community response was heart warming

Sunday, March 7, 2010

To the Editor:

Recently, our funeral home was entrusted with the care of Cpl. Gregory Scott Stutlz, an American Marine, and in many respects, a true American Hero.

As you may be able to imagine, this call to help the Stultz family came with a feeling of great responsibility.

Over the course of the next few days, it became obvious that his funeral was indeed a hero's welcome.

Cpl. Stultz' tribute could not have been made possible without the community coming together to welcome home their hero.

I would like to thank some of those who stepped up when called to help: Christ Community Church, Pastor Rich Laskowski and staff.

We knew that there would be many people that would wish to pay respects to Cpl. Stultz.

This required a facility that would accommodate several hundred people.

The church and its members were more than accommodating. Not only did they provide a facility, but they provided staff for the audio and visual equipment, food, and fellowship area and cleanup after visitation and the funeral.

Mike Heaton and the Clay County Sheriff's Department and Dave Archer and the Brazil City Police Department.

Everywhere Cpl. Stultz traveled, he was escorted by members of the Sheriff's Department and the Brazil City Police Department.

Also, they provided security and traffic control for the visitation and funeral.

Brazil City Fire Department, as well as other surrounding fire department.

Staff and students at Northview High School and North Clay Middle School. Their somber and respectful tribute was amazing.

YMCA of Clay County and Wal-Mart, along with many friends, provided food for the family and the Marines during the visitation hours.

Wilbert Vault Company and the Puttmann family for providing the burial vault, tent and staff.

Members of the media: The Brazil Times, Tribune Star, Channel 2 News, Action 10 News, and Channel 13 News in Indianapolis.

Cpl. Stultz' family had requested a hero's welcome for Greg.

This would not have been possible without members of the media letting the public know about service times. Further, his family wanted to create a tribute to their son. The articles in the newspapers and news reports have provided a tribute to Greg that will be remembered by many for years to come and they did this with the utmost respect to Greg and his family.

Stoney Lalen for providing the message at the funeral, Pam Fischer, Cpl. Johnston, Zach Stultz, Steve McCullough, Mr. John Newsom with the State Department of Veterans Affairs and Gov. Daniels' office, Andrew Homan and Sen. Bayh's office, and State Representative Nancy Michael, for their participation in his funeral service. Members of the Patriot Riders and Legion Riders for assisting with the escort.

Last, but not least, thank you to the community as a whole. My heart was warmed by the respect that was displayed for Cpl. Stultz.

Finally, I would like to thank Kim Stultz and Bill Stultz for raising a son that care enough for his country and his family to give his all for us.

Thank you,

Nick French,

French Funeral Home