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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Yesterday the birds were singing and the sun sent rays of brilliant light in our direction.

The cold earth and the cool breeze filtering through the naked branches of the trees snapped me back to early March.

The walk was short. Chores stared me in the face.

I rescued some material from the jammed zipper of my lightweight and partially opened coat and then slowly worked my way back toward the house and my little Tootie.

The rabbits are easy to care for. Feed, fresh water and comfortable living space makes them happy. They never smile, but mama knows.

This poultry lover fed her feathered flock and gathered in some goodness from each of the nesting boxes that line the walls of the little white building behind the little blue house at the end of road. The smells of fresh straw and pine shavings sent sweet notes to my nostrils.

The fresh brown eggs produced by the young hens and carefully placed in my basket were just short of warm.

I watched some of barred rock hens still hard at work. I look forward to that hen fruit like a hungry opossum.

I wondered why the rooster moved about the long pen in a pacing manner. Maybe he enjoyed a walk in the nice sunshine. I think he had rock music on his mind.

Could be I made him nervous. His keeper said that the barred rock smarty would meet up with the kettle if he did not get with the program last evening.

After all, the girls had already settled in on the roomy roost waiting for a lullaby or maybe a little peck on the cheek from him!

I clapped my hands and that turned his lights on. He ran up small ramp and entered the trap door. I did not hear a peep out of those silly hens.

Caesar, our bird dog sings for his morning meal and water from the nearby faucet, so we had a bark-a-long. Then both of us stopped that stuff, because neither of us could carry a tune in a bucket and we don't care.

The mail carrier delivered a special box to us this morning. Jim & Nancy Davis, former residents of Brazil, now living in Cape Coral, Fla. gifted Mary Lou and Paul "Baby" Sartor with a box full of delicious Honey-belle oranges and Duncan grapefruit.

Jim and Nancy are subscribers of The Brazil Times and fans of Tootie Mae.

Thanks to you for thinking of us. We are grateful!

We just received word of the premature death of our former son-in-law and dear friend, Bruce Cory. Aug. 14, 1958-March 8, 2010.

Bruce was married to Lori Sartor Patrick 13 years. He was the loving father of Alexis Ann Cory, Sarah Rebecca Peace, Elizabeth Gail Cory and Olivia Erin Cory.

Bruce was a hairdresser, by profession. He worked at Lexcel Salon & Spa, located on east Wabash, in Terre Haute. Great Dane, in Brazil, employed him for a short time.

Sad to say, Bruce's mother, Pauline Wools passed away last week.

Lori's husband and Mary's father, Clifford Patrick is not feeling his best. Cliff will undergo heart surgery soon.

I am so beside myself about all that transpired and is yet to come, to be perfectly honest, sad and exhausted; I am going to work my way to my bed.

Thanks to readers of the Neighbors page that called and emailed me last week.

I can be reached by phone at 446-4852 or by email at pmlsartor@aol.com.