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Harmony Happenings

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What's Happening in Harmony? Snow. I have been hibernating and there's not much excitement in my cave. Between the sniffles and the weather, I haven't been anywhere to find out what was going on in town.

Cousin Jim finished painting the sun porch windows and Jacob Coleman came by to shovel the sidewalks. There are tracks showing that my neighbors are alive and well but it is too cold for much conversation.

The trusty snowplow made a couple of passes down Jackson Street. Neighbor Rick was stalking two Irish Setters that decided to take a wayward walk on their own. Tom Smith walked by with his gigantic mastiff dog. We talked a minute on my way to the mailbox. That's my window on the world.

It may sound boring, but I am grateful for my warm cave even if there's not much excitement.

I am thankful that the ice and 50 inches of snow escaped us. Still, I am worried that my deck will hold the weight of all the white stuff that managed to pile there. Feeling adventuresome, I decided to measure the depth, 11 inches near the middle.

Hibernation is good for my reading list. I have caught up on the pile and sorted others. I finished the blanket I was making for Kurt and Debbie Hood.

My good friends have an addition to the family and I kept intended to make them a Grandma and Grandpa blanket.

Then they will have a special cuddly for the times when little Warren comes to visit. Snow days are good for making stuff. It is now finished.

There was enough material left to make a case to keep the blanket dust-free between visits.

My old, blonde cabinet, sewing machine that I traded a painting for in the 1970s wouldn't work. It runs just fine but all the stitches pull out.

Not being very domestic, I know nothing about sewing machines. My only skill of changing the needle did not help.

Embroidery floss for some colorful stitches, a big-eyed needle, and a not-so-good movie finished the case. Now I have a good excuse for a visit with friends when the weather changes.

Covered Bridge Art Association newsletter says they are considering having an Art Fair next year. It is still in the planning stages. Interested artists could call the Gallery at Rockville for more information (765) 569-9422.

The artists will have a new exhibit starting Feb. 27. It will run during the Parke County Maple Festival from the 27th to March 7. The Gallery is located on the east side of the Courthouse Square.

Memberships have to be paid right away for any artists or associate members that plan to exhibit this year. Associate dues are $15 per year. I've forgotten the fee for Parke County artists. We associate artists are also invited to attend their meetings if I understand correctly. The next meeting is at The Gallery on March 2, at 6 p.m.

Clay County Christian Quilters work at Harmony United Methodist Church each Wednesday from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. The ladies bring lunch so they can spend the day doing the quilting.

One day per month, they hold a meeting and pitch-in dinner. It is a fun group that other folks have often said they would like to join. Now is the time.

The ladies have been keeping two quilts in frames to work on each week but they have many quilts on the list to finish. They would like to start a third frame.

They are discussing starting an evening group on Mondays. It would probably meet from 6-9 p.m. This would give working folks a chance to participate, too.

There are many male quilters across the country but none work with this group at present. Guys are welcome, of course. Please call Marsha at the church 448-2917 if you are interested in joining either the Wednesday quilters or the Monday evening group. If there is enough interest, they will start the new group. It is a good way to learn to do quilting, too.

I have said for five years that one of these days I will join the quilters for the day. I have often worked at the church on Wednesdays and enjoyed visiting with the group. My time is usually spent working on the bulletin boards. One of these days, maybe I will thread a needle and pull up a chair.

It seems the government in their infinite quagmire have sunk the Healthcare Bill. There are so many people who desperately need help.

More and more of the homeless, or barely surviving, arrived there due to medical costs. A stagnate economy added to the mess. It was almost as if our leaders weighted that bill with 1,000 pages of concrete just to justify sinking it.

They have healthcare that we pay for so it won't worry them if John Doe lost his job and has a sick wife. Politics.

Happy Birthday to Debbie Akers (12th), Pat (Kline) Killion (14th), Michael Maurer (18th), Olivia Jade Barnett (21st), Lori Pell (25th), Ron Stanfield (27th). Happy Belated Birthday to the twins Jim Haggart and Mary Ann McKinsey (5th).

Events at Harmony United Methodist:

Feb. 14 -- Worship Service 9 a.m., Sunday School 10:30 a.m.

Feb. 16 -- Bowling at Brazilian Lanes 6:30 p.m.

Feb. 17 -- Bible Study 9 a.m., Clay County Quilters 10 a.m. -3 p.m.

Feb. 22 -- HUM Women 7 p.m.

Call me 448-8734 with your birthdays, news, and announcements, all the Harmony Happenings.