Letter to the Editor

Everyone should have health insurance

Sunday, March 14, 2010

To the Editor:

We live in a time where we have the medical technology and prescription drugs that allow a longer and better quality of life.

It is so wrong for that to be available to only a certain few. Those being people who have insurance and can get medical assistance along with medications.

Many, like myself and my husband, do not have insurance and cannot afford to get it. We are not deadbeats. We are hard working and try very hard to be good citizens. But, if either one of us were to become ill, we could not afford to seek medical advice, receive treatment or have the air of prescriptions.

So, what are we supposed to do?

Are we simply to accept a lesser quality of life, pain filled and possibly a death sentence? All because we do not have insurance?

Sarah Palin talks about "death squads," (I do not care for Mrs. Palin), that is what I feel like is looming over us without health insurance. You have no idea how bad I feel, my body hurts, sometimes my pain is almost unbearable.

The same for my husband.

So, for the most part, we just suffer. That is so very, very wrong.

I am willing to bet, if members of Congress were asked to forfeit their insurance coverage and be without medical care for themselves and their spouses, they absolutely would refuse. It is time for all people to be able to have the same opportunity for better health.

We are on this earth to help each other and life is far too short for it to be lived in pain and fear. The insurance companies need to come forward, be accountable and stop the horrible treatment of those of us that have an existing condition.

I would much rather not have my discomfort, but I do, as do many, many other aging citizens. What is happening is wrong and I beg that it change. I do not understand why good health and well being should only be available to those that can afford the high premiums or have the benefit of coverage through their company(s). We are a struggling small business owner, where is my right to the "American Dream?"

I would like to think I have some time left to contribute to this life. I would like to feel good while doing so.

Linda Thomas,

Terre Haute