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Harmony Happenings

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Oops! Something happened on the way to the Times. I did write the Harmony Happenings and did send it in on time last week. The one I wrote for Thursday must be out there in cyberspace somewhere. What you got last week was just like TV. It was a rerun from an earlier episode. My apologies.

The Happenings you should have gotten appeared on Monday, of this week, if you missed it. I still don't know what happened. Thanks to the readers that called to check on me and alerted me to the problem. Thanks to Robin for correcting it on Monday.

On Monday, as I made my rounds of the retired teacher's meeting, the dentist, the grocery store, the dollar store, and Wal-Mart, everyone seemed to be aggravated about that darn time change. How can one hour be such a stone in our gizzards?

A mom couldn't get the kids interested in bedtime because it was still daylight. My dentist wanted to ride his bike in the early morning sunshine but it was time to head to the office. A store employee hated having to get up in the dark. Everyone complained that they were still tired from the hour of sleep they did not get on Sunday night. Does anyone besides Mitch like the time change?

Even the business folks that voted for a different time zone, anted to be with Chicago, not New York. I really don't care what time zone we have as long as we just stay with the same one all year. Most people seem to agree with that.

Indiana changed this system, way back when, because no one liked it. For most of my adult life, we stayed with one time. We've tried this daylight savings and decided again that we don't like it. Legislators, are you listening?

Probably the neighbors could smell the cabbage and sour kraut coming from my house yesterday. I have been busy cooking and chasing dust bunnies to get ready for St. Paddy's Day. We celebrated Tuesday night. A Dutch oven full of corned beef cooked in the oven while the cabbage and rashers stewed on the stovetop. The only space left was reserved for a big pot of buttered potatoes. The skillet warmed to make the Reubens. I made Irish soda bread for the first time. I found two recipes and just combined them. It seemed to be appreciated.

Guests had the choice of the Reuben sandwiches with sour kraut, cheese, and secret sauce or the cabbage, potato and corned beef plate. Most tried both. John and Christine Clark brought a big fruit salad. Stoney Stitzle was in charge of the making a freezer full of green ice cream. Eva and John Roach made homemade cookies and devilled eggs. Betty Julbert brought a corn casserole. Karen and Mike Roach baked up the cherry crisp. They had been nice enough to make the run to Sam's on Saturday to pick up the meat, too.

Notice how liberated we are. Men and women cooking together. The ladies make what goes in the dish and the guys carry it to the car. Joetta Brown had plans for early evening but stopped by later to visit.

The meal may not have been authentic Irish but neither are we. The Roaches came from Ireland, probably about the time of the Potato Famine in the mid-1800s. When you throw in the Jenkins, Killion, and Montgomery parts of the family, it adds English and Native American and probably Heinz 57 Variety Pak. We had a good time even if Betty couldn't get enough people corralled at one table for a card game.

The Executive Board of the Clay County Retired Teachers met at Double M Diner on Monday, March 15. Jesse Pitts stepped up to the position as president because Leroy Sedgwick resigned recently. The vice president will need to be addressed at the next general meeting. Jesse Pitts and Denzil Adams are working on finding someone to fill the position. If you have any suggestions, give one of them a call.

Members of the CCRTA contributed almost 7,000 hours this past year to helping with community services. Carolyn Tausig reported that almost 2,000 of those were spent volunteering with children. Some retirees act as court advocates, some tutor children, and others help with Vacation Bible School.

The Board made plans for the upcoming Spring Dinner. It will be held at the Riddell Bank basement on April 27, starting at 6 p.m. The basic menu will be barbeque, potato salad, and baked beans. I am in charge of potato salad and need a couple more people to make a big bowl for the event. Call me is you can contribute. Mary Ann Froderman will make the baked beans. Jesse and Denzil will be in charge of the meats. I think they decided on chicken and pork.

Side dishes for the Spring Dinner would be appreciated. Carolyn Tausig is making pasta salad. Odena Harper and Carolyn Tausig will get the breads. Hazel Miller is making a relish tray. Members don't have to bring anything but contributions are always appreciated. Odena said she would make a dessert but we'll need more for 50-plus people.

The program for the dinner/meeting is not planned yet. Mary Ann Froderman is contacting Turner coaches to see if they will present information about their one-day trips so we can get ideas for future outings. Contact her if you have other suggestions for this or future meetings.

As usual, we will have door prizes and a raffle. If anyone would like to make a donation (good advertisement) just contact one of the officers.

Jesse asked me to write a full report from our meeting. Our secretary could not be with us. I will try to get that written soon and put it in a separate article.

The CCRTA always needs warm bodies to help with various activities. Even if you don't have the time to serve as an officer, committee members are always needed.

Former teachers should have plenty of experience with committees. The retiree groups are a lot more fun than some of our previous experiences.

Harmony United Methodist Women will meet on Monday, March 29, rather than March 22nd due to Spring Break. Sheila Termeer will be the hostess and I will do the lesson. All ladies are invited to join us.

Happy Birthday to Albert Killion (23rd), Heidi Babkowski and Cade Pell (24th), Cheryl Brinson and Jerri Bowman (25th), Phyllis Schlatter, Anna Killion and daughter Coleen Thompson (28th). Happy Anniversary to Jim and Becky Clausen (26th).

Events at Harmony United Methodist:

March 18 -- Admin. Bd. 7 p.m.,

March 21 -- Worship Service 9 a.m., Sunday School 10:30 a.m.,

March 23 -- Bowling at Brazilian Lanes 6:30 p.m.,

March 24 -- Bible Study 9 a.m., Clay County Quilters 10 a.m.-3 p.m.,

March 29 -- HUMW 7 p.m.