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Brazil Buzz

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yesterday was the first day of spring. I am excited and look forward to the days ahead.

After completing my morning chores, I enjoyed a leisurely walk in the warm sunshine. The peepers are active now. The tiny frogs were singing loudly.

I heard several Canadian geese in the distance, high overhard. Two large hawks seem to be interested in the female hawk resting a spell, with wings outspread, in an abandoned squirrel's nest.

The weather worn walnut tree is close to the wire-covered pen that holds my barred rocks.

Birds of prey and other troublemakers can knock, but they cannot come in.

One year, our fine gaggle of Chinese geese and several pair of Peking ducks were mutilated and carried away by nocturnal animals. We followed the feathers and blood trail that led toward the deep woods on our property and thereabouts. It was the pits.

Thereafter, all the poultry in our keep have been confined to safe and adequate quarters. We are in charge. This is not a good place for a pack of coyotes, fox, weasels, coons or those fast moving eagle-eyed hawks to drop their landing gear.

Tootie Mae is taking a nap. She plays hard and then that little tater tot crashes on the couch.

Some of the time, she is just playing possum. The wagging tail beneath the micro-fiber throw cover gives her away. I say, "Where's my Tootie?" She comes out of her cozy nap sack, like a bullet out of a 22. Yep, she is a pistol.

Sometimes, I dance with her and sing a few lines of a song my mother used to sing. I changed the lyrics a bit. I reckon it is the off-tune vocal display that she dislikes.

When I sing, Tony Pastor's "Dance with Dolly (with A Hole in Her Stocking)," the music critic will not allow me to finish. I may need to find a better way to entertain her.

The lyrics to the last verse of my version of the old minstrel song is:

Mama, mama put the cat out tonight Mama put the cat out tonight, Cat out tonight

Gonna scat out tonight I'm gonna scat out tonight

Worked all day And I won't be home until night

Gonna dance with my Tootie with a hole in her stockin'.

While our knees keep a knockin' and our toes keep a rockin'

My audience of one barks, moans and groans. Then, with skinny black tail tucked between her stubby back legs, she runs for cover. I stop a few melodious notes short of the finish line and laugh my head off.

I am still trying to find sturdy non-toxic toys that my little "buffalo girl" won't chew up, choke on and/or swallow.

The other night, we watched "Dogtown," on TV.

One of the caregivers at "Dogtown," brought a female to the attention of one of the veterinarians at the onsite clinic there. The sick animal, with a history of cancer, had been vomiting, bloated and having trouble eliminating.

The dog needs immediate help.

The vet examined the distressed dog and X-rayed her. Yes, indeed, something was wrong. She saw a blockage of some sort in its intestines. The vet was concerned that the sizable mass could be a tumor, perhaps malignant.

The pet doctor performed exploratory surgery on the canine. The foreign object that the vet removed was a large piece of rubber -- a partial body of a pet toy.

Once the obstruction was removed from the dog, she began to mend and did. In a short time, she was up and running.

Tootie Mae Sartor chews into every stuffed toy that I purchase her. This "Toot" lover sure doesn't want anything to lodge in Toot's tunnel. I pitched out a stuffed pooch with one ear and missing guts last week. She helped a rubber tire shed its tread as well.

Well folks, do you remember the new bike that I told you about in Brazil Buzz?

Last week, after Paul Baby assembled the Pink Lady, I took her out of the garage and mounted her. The start was rough. I fell with a thud from the wobbly bike and landed on my leg. Paul came to my rescue and checked out my gift.

Gee, someone forgot to inspect his work?

He did pick up the mess. I am OK.

Mama has a huge purple boo-boo on her leg the size of a grape-glazed donut.

As soon as the temporary tattoo fades into history, I'll be kicking up Pink Lady's stand and rolling out of here.

I can be reached by phone at 446-4852 or by e-mail at pmlsartor@aol.com.