Letter to the Editor

Tired of paying for others

Sunday, March 28, 2010

To the Editor:

To Clay residents:

My wife and I have supported the Family YMCA in the past. We think highly of this organization and we are glad for the contribution they make to the community.

However, after my wife and I recently returned home from Iraq, we wanted to check on family rates for a YMCA membership.

And, though they are not horribly bad, my wife asked about a military discount. She was told there is not one. She then asked if there is a Veteran discount. Once again, the answer was no.

As she was speaking with the receptionist, another lady came up. This lady rudely interrupted them and very shortly asked for the application for low-income families. She was told yes.

Why is it that those who provide nothing for the community and continue to ask for handouts, get them? But, those of us who have served are still paying for those who will not take care of themselves? Why should they get more than they earn, while the rest of us pay their way, when we work hard?

I understand if there was a true illness keeping a person from working, but if this were the case, humility would have served this lady well.

I am sick of those who are proud of being on welfare and proud to take from those of us who earn.

Thank you Clay County and God bless.

Clay West,

Center Point