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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Today is Easter Sunday. Tootie Mae and I are home alone. She is taking a brief nap, as still as the dead mouse that I saw in a grain barrel this morning. She looks up occasionally to make sure that I am nearby.

The weather is so nice this early spring day it is a wonder I am inside. The woods looked inviting and thoughts of finding mushrooms and picking wild flowers are beginning to dance about in my head.

It is time to check out the wood ducks and mallards in on my pit ponds and thereabouts.

My woods are alive with the sound of waterfowl music, but it is the song birds that visit my feeders that I appreciate most of all.

The hawk that I told you that was sitting high in a tree above my chicken pen either has designs on using it to hatch a batch of kids or is already processing her claim. She is in there! I won't disturb her. She is doing what comes naturally. Not many visitors will visit her crib.

The die-hard groundhog came out of his burrow beneath my building. Yep, he is still ticking within ten feet from where the garden will be planted.

Someone suggested that I place moth balls around the area. That I did. Now I must remove the odorous smell from my building.

One time when my little girl, Starla, ate a portion of a vintage Christmas tree ornament.''

The physician suggested, via phone, that I feed her mustard to encourage vomiting. We ran into a problem, because she loved the mustard. She ate some and then some more.

Regardless, she turned out OK. We found it in the pink vessel that she sometimes wore on her head.

So maybe if it rains a lot this spring that old bushy woodchuck will come out in the wash!

Last week my cold set me back. This week I will need to make haste while the sun shines. I need to get some of that high price gas and start mowing.

The grass is lush and green now, but somewhat shaggy in appearance. The yard that surrounds the little blue house at the end of the road still looks nice. I have a very big yard and many paths to cover.

The grasses and weeds at the adjoining Lynch homestead property grow much faster. The soil is very rich. Many of you old timers that knew my dad know what made his gardens grow!

It is a good thing that I enjoy the challenge of the caretaking of the property. For how long, time will tell.

The girls are enjoying their holiday weekend this year. Our eldest Starla Gail McHugh and her friends flew to Boston to see the Celtics play. Her party has floor seating. Today she will take in a Sox game. The seating is close to the dugout.

She reports that the weather is beautiful in Boston today, in the low 70's.

Lori, Cliff, and their daughters will be at Ellis Park in Colorado. They like the great outdoors. The family is viewing beautiful majestic mountain backdrops, sparkling rivers and streams, lush green meadows, wildlife and an abundance of wildflowers.

This would be a wonderful day to hike or horseback ride and picnic.

Our grandson, Daniel Risk, has a full plate this spring and summer. He is the aspiring filmmaker. Dan is working on several projects in the Indianapolis area and at Ball State.

The young man will graduate in 2011. He plans to intern in California this summer. The person behind the camera truly is a man with a plan.

Tuesday is Paul Baby's birthday. He and his twin sister, Pauline Brookover will be 71. Some of the grandchildren plan to help him celebrate.

I might even surprise him with something nice, if he is good. The way it looks, after the frustrations associated with my bike adjustments; I might decide to keep the coins in my pocket. Just kidding!

The "young at heart" hard working gentleman is a full time employ of Sears. The little giant loves his job and he loves life. No one that I know has a broader smile and a more positive attitude.

We, his family are very grateful that he is enjoying better health these days and we love him. God is good.

I can be reached by phone at 446-4852 or by email at pmlsartor@aol.com.