Letter to the Editor

Enforce immigration laws

Sunday, April 11, 2010

To the Editor:

Creating jobs is simple. Enforce our immigration laws.

With the current rate of unemployment in America, you would think the Obama administration would continue the work place immigration raids President Bush undertook the last few years of his administration.

President Obama's change you can believe in was to put a halt to work place immigration raids last year.

It seems Congress thinks the only way to create jobs is to spend billions of taxpayer dollars they don't have when all they need to do is step up deportations of the millions of illegal aliens currently in our country.

In 2008, the Indiana legislature held a summer study committee on illegal immigration in Indiana.

One of their findings was the majority of illegal aliens in Indiana worked in construction, manufacturing, or hotels and restaurants.

In the past when there were work place immigration raids, American citizens lined up for the jobs the illegal aliens once held. American citizens not only replaced the illegal aliens after the raids, the business that employed the illegals suddenly increased the wages of their new employees.

We in America need to put our citizens back to work.

Any comprehensive bill on immigration will only make matters worse like the 1986 amnesty did.

Greg Serbon,

State Director,

Indiana Federation for Immigration

Reform and Enforcement,

Crown Point