Public Record

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Clay County Courthouse

The following transactions took place at the Clay County Courthouse April 12-14:

Clay Superior Court -- Civil

LL Receivables Company Vs. Darlene Targett: Civil Collections

Midland Funding Vs. Michael A. Schawitsch: Civil Collections

Midland Funding Vs. Bailey W. Piland: Civil Collections

LTD Acquisitions, LLC Vs. Randy J. Hofmann: Civil Collections

Mark C. Pell Vs. Amy S. Pell: Domestic Relations

Tracy A. Raab Vs. Michael A. Raab: Domestic Relations

Clay Circuit Court -- Civil

Chase Bank USA Vs. Richard S. Hardey: Civil Collections

Midland Funding Vs. James W. Phillips Jr.: Civil Collections

Capital One Bank Vs. Jerry A. Reik: Civil Collections

Bonnie J. Short Vs. Joseph A. Short Jr.: Domestic Relations

Beneficial Indiana, Inc. Vs. Gregory A. Boyd, Kathy Boyd and Unknown Tenants: Mortgage Foreclosure

Michael W. Eslinger Vs. Ruth A. Eslinger: Domestic Relations

Small Claims

The Cincinnati Insurance Company Vs. Charles Courtney: Civil Tort

Med-1 Solutions, LLC Vs. Mark Wickware: Small Claims

Med-1 Solutions, LLC Vs. John Lewis: Small Claims

Herman W. Bell Vs. Tim Winstead and Marilyn Strowser: Small Claims

Herman W. Bell Vs. Ava Curtis: Small Claims

Corvee Vs. the following list of individual defendants: Bruce Wolf, Vicki Templeton, Sarah Campbell and Sherry Ferrell: Small Claims

Clay Community School Corporation Vs. the following list of individual defendants: Paula Morris, Kerrie McMillian, Delena Stewart, Wendy Batchelor, Marion Snow Jr. and Renda Trammell: Small Claims

Clay County Board of Commissioners Vs. the following list of individual defendants: Victor Ortiz, Michael O'Neal, Shannon McGaughy, Chad A. McCullough, Robert Hill, David L. Godsey, Christopher Fisher, Chris Fisher, Brett Reynolds, John Rouse, Robert Reveal, Chantel L. Pagulayan, Michael Mitchell, Anthony McKamey, Jackson Maugans, Steven Judd, Allen Henderson, Mark Hall, Tim Callahan, Spring Burrell, Rebecca Brankey, Christina Beckley, Michael Batchelor, Marco A. Andrade, Karla Lewis, Ryan Lee, Robin Kraemer, Robert King, Miranda Keller, Carmen Lopez-Caudill, Ju Li, Steven Meyer, Brian Melton, Martin McKinney, Cassandra McDaniel, Evelyn Love, Stacy Milligan, Luis Montalvo, Eric Montes, Brian Montgomery, Steven Moore, Darrel Palmer Jr., Matesta Pastrick, Brandy Patterson, Aristin Losey, Jennifer Yockey, Robert Westhaven, Roger Wall Jr., Chris Ziemendorf, Peter Hoefler, Dale Wilson, Melinda Wallace, John Warner, James York, Francine Williams, Elizabeth Sowers, Arthur Spring, Bradley Stantz, Amber Thompson, Leon Turner, James D. Waggoner and Alan Sellers: Small Claims

Marriage License Applications

Matt E. Hall, 37, Clay City, and Carolyn J. Scruggs, 27, Clay City

State Criminal Charges

Roger Wall Jr., 24: Public intoxication

John Sebade, 20: 1. Possession of a controlled substance -- Obtaining a Schedule V controlled substance 2. Illegal possession of an alcoholic beverage 3. Illegal consumption of an alcoholic beverage

Jeremy A. Ziemendorf, 22: Public intoxication

Weston P. Woreland, 18: Operating a vehicle while intoxicated -- Endangering a person

Rene V. Blackwood, 22: 1. Operating a vehicle while intoxicated 2. Possession of marijuana 3. Possession of paraphernalia 4. Operating a vehicle with a Schedule I or II controlled substance or its metabolite in the body