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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The yard is beginning to look like a park again. I am enjoying the beauty of the flowering trees and shrubs on the place. The wind damaged lilac bush recovered, beautifully. I gathered a nice bouquet and placed nature's gift in a lovely Fenton vase on my mission oak table.

Blooming lilacs have been a spring delight in this yard ever since my earliest recall.

The large panicles of ant-free flowers of a moderate shade of purple filled the room with fragrance that even Tootie Mae caught in passing.

Tootie came into our home one year ago last Saturday. She fits right in, comfortably.

We have enjoyed the little dachshund and love sharing space in "HER" house! Toot is a hoot!

With my binoculars, I checked out the hawk that is nesting near the chicken pen.

I was most interested in the nest.

At first, I thought that the accipiter had taken over an abandoned squirrel's work, but; the nest is of her own design and construction work. She has used sticks straight and crooked as big as a half-inch in diameter.

This is a great place for the awesome bird to lay a couple of eggs and incubate her young. She has a wide scope of view. The mother-to-be can watch, but not touch my barred rocks chickens at play.

Sitting and setting high in the tall walnut tree she keeps an eye on her mate and his buddy as they soar high overhead and then swoop down on prey that will feed her and her hatchlings until they are ready to take wing.

In approximately 28-32 days or less depending, I should hear some extra noise (sweet music to this nature lover's ears).

Our German short-haired pointer Caesar's pen is located beneath the nesting spot. He is aware of the visitor(s) aloft. The birddog is bantering with the bird of prey, already!

I hope she does not become aggressive. I wouldn't want her big talons landing on my head or his. She better make sure her kids don't jump nest , flap their wings and glide into his space. That would be murder and the makings of a fable Aesop worthy!

There is never a dull moment around here. Last week I started cutting the front lot at the homestead. The ground is totally saturated due to a serious leak in the water- line that runs along the ditch of the property.

I took off on my Craftsman and sunk deep into soggy soil . I was beside myself. In fact, ashamed that I made a bad error of judgment.

As hard as I tried the imbedded mower would not budge. I called for help.

Paul Baby said, "Not a problem. I will pull you out with the help of the Ford Ranger."

I told him to steer clear of the soft saturated area that covers a portion of my yet to be cultivated garden spot.

The man with a plan came barreling toward the problem and stopped a few feet of the front of the tractor and attached a rope to both vehicles. During the time it took to attach the lightweight rope the Ranger was settling in, deep.

With the rope successfully tethered on both ends, he called out, "Engage your mower and put in first!"

He pulled forward, the rope broke. He dug in farther and mud flew all over the place.

The action was repeated several times. Then we were both marred into the mud.

You may think that happening sounds funny. I can truthfully say; no one was laughing. Someone was close to tears! The tears hid when sparks flew, and then someone started dancing the jitterbug and singing a hum-drum lackluster song at the top of his range.

It was a hot day! The collars were feeling the heat. Oh brother!

We called a friend that helps us now and then and he came to our rescue. He knows how to calm the elderly and change the tune. The vehicles were filthy and we weren't too clean either.

The helper pulled us out of our predicament. We were once again on solid ground.

After a brief rest, we completed all the tasks lined up for that day, as planned.

Thank you Gary!

That evening , we took back everything that we said under our breaths and out loud, just to bring our blood pressures down from their high perch.

We needed to lose the headaches and clear out the ringing and other stuff in our semi-deaf ears.

American Idol was ready to bring chirping and screeching and a bit of Crystal's heart and soul into our living room. Casting out the bad eggs was the last job of the day.

Now it is time to fry some chicken - no not hawk!

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