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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Did you ask for this rainy spell? Of course not and neither did I.

The cool damp weather will not drain the fuel tank; therefore, I am halting the thermostat's brief vacation-if not for my sake, for Tootie's sake -- for goodness sake!

Only her little bean is hanging out of huffy mauve dragging blanket. Her beautiful eyes focused on me.

She is in the doghouse today. The little lady ate a Halls cough suppressant lozenge that accidentally fell at her feet.

She finished it off, the wrapper and all, before I could take care of the matter.

Shame on me for being so careless.

Time has passed. Her breath smelled like Babe's aged homemade cherry wine, but she is fine.

We have an appointment at the Wabash Valley Animal Hospital tomorrow.

Shots, a thyroid check and a routine exam are due and scheduled.

Toot has been informed and briefed.

I instructed Ms. Tootie Mae to keep her business to herself. That is what my mom always said.

That, no doubt, went in one ear and out the other. Tootie is a big mouth when she wants to be.

Her mouth is big when she yawns. She reminds me of a baby alligator then.

I might mention that "what goes on in this house stays in this house."

I will, as soon as I can remember what that is!

Act like a lady came out at etiquette school. Do not be overly affectionate. Don't paw people!

Keep your tongue in your mouth. Get rid of the gas attacks before you go.

I reminded her that we would see Dr. Pickering, shortly before his lunch break.

"It is ok to donate something to carry in the sandwich bag, at least one.

How about a shampoo? You should stop rubbing you head on the carpet .

Your noggin is beginning to look a little thread bare."

She looked at my head and walked away in disgust. I said, "Come back here young lady.

Allow me to exam those nails. You need them clipped. You don't want long horny sheaths like the late Howard Hughes nor a spot in Guinness.

Tootie Mae Sartor the surgical tools are ready!

If you do not want your goose spruced -give me those fire stampers.

The petite mini Doxie jumped up onto the seat of the sturdy walnut finished chair and strummed the rounds of the backwith her skinny tail. I believe the tune was an old "Cher" favorite.

Then, with all said and done, "Toot" gently kissed my cheek and headed for the couch.

Our granddaughter Elizabeth Cory worked at the animal hospital during her teen years.

That early experience leads to the desire to become a veterinarian.

Elizabeth is a student at Virginia Tech.

Lizzie loves animals. Recently, following the premature death of her father, Bruce Allen Cory of Terre Haute and her return to her home in Front Royal, Virginia; our granddaughter motored back to Indiana to transport his canine pal, Rocky back to the Shenandoah Valley.

I know Bruce would be as pleased as Liz would about that.

Starla will be in town on Mother's Day.

The mom of three plans to attend commencement exercises at Indiana University - the Class of 2010.

Our grandson Michael Risk's fiancÚ, Kayleigh Dawn Frendenburg, Brownsburg is a candidate for a degree of Bachelor of Science with a major in nursing at the Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis.

Michael and Kayleigh will be united in marriage on August 14, of this year.

I send my condolence to the family of Virgil Fredrick.

Virgil was a long-time member of the Epworth United Methodist Church. I was a member of the congregation during my youth.

During those years Virgil became our choir leader.

He and Gwen were great people and I shall always remember both, fondly.

I can be reached by phone at 446-4852 or by email at pmlsartor@aol.com.