Letter to the Editor

Area coach offers apology

Sunday, May 2, 2010

To the Editor:

Two weeks ago, my son was disqualified from the Northview Invitational for a signing error on his scorecard.

To say that I went ballistic is an understatement.

In fact, the words best suited to describe my conduct are not fit for publication.

I made the situation worse when I went home and submitted comments to our local paper that were critical of Coach Scott Buell and the administration of his tournament.

I have lately allowed extraneous personal and professional matters to bleed into several arenas where they don't belong, including golf, and my handling of the events at the Northview Invite and my commentary to the paper were inexcusable.

I should not have allowed that to happen. I should have respected the long-established rules of the game, and I certainly had no business taking my frustrations to a public forum.

Coach Buell is an honorable man and a model coach. His tournament is first-class and his administration of it has been impeccable. I wish I had exercised more self-control and restraint. I want Coach Buell, Northview High School and the Northview parents and community to know that I regret my behavior and comments. All parties involved deserved better from me as did my own team, school and community.

For that reason, I offer my sincerest of apologies.

With respect,

Donovan Wheeler,

Golf Coach, Greencastle High School