Public Record

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Clay County Courthouse

The following transactions took place at the Clay County Courthouse April 30-May 5:

Clay Superior Court -- Civil

Fifth Third Mortgage Company Vs. Lisa M. Bloesing and Professional Accounts Services, Inc.: Mortgage Foreclosure

Parisbank Vs. Denise Douglas: Civil Collections

Clay Circuit Court -- Civil

LVNV Funding Vs. Theodore G. West: Civil Collection

Tyler A. Fischer Vs. Hailey I. Fischer: Domestic Relations

The Bank of New York Vs. Tracy L. Joslyn, Edward A. Joslyn and Nantucket Homeowner's Association: Mortgage Foreclosure

HSBC Bank Nevada Vs. Lummie L. Wilson: Civil Collections

Arrow Financial Services, LLC Vs. Pamela Oberholtzer: Civil Collections

LVNV Funding, LLC Vs. Major L. Bischoff: Civil Collections

BAC Home Loans Servicing Vs. Jennifer Baker, Capital One Bank USA and Midland Funding, LLC: Mortgage Foreclosure

Jesse G. Ison Vs. Nichole R. Ison: Domestic Relations

Marriage License Applications

Jeffrey A. Kennedy Jr., 24, Brazil, and Heather Marie Cinnamon, 27, Brazil

Lummie Lee Wilson Jr., 38, Brazil, and Meagan B. Alexander, 30, Brazil

Samuel T. Weaver, 38, Brazil, and Sonya S. Brown, 37, Reelsville

William Dean Archer, 40, Brazil, and Brittney Jo Mueller, 25, Brazil

State Criminal Charges

Harry F. Weishaupt, 21: 1. Resisting law enforcement 2. Public intoxication

Sarah R. Emrick, 25: 1. Battery resulting in bodily injury 2. Disorderly conduct

Dillion D. Moss, 23: Operating a vehicle with a Schedule I or II controlled substance or its metabolite in the body

Joshua R. Gilbert, 24: 1. Theft 2. Illegal possession of anhydrous ammonia or ammonia solution 3. Storage or transportation of anhydrous ammonia illegally 4. Criminal trespass

Michael J. Keegan, 28: 1. Domestic battery 2. Battery resulting in bodily injury