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Knights place third at 13th annual Big Four Meet

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Annie Smiley raced to second-place in the 100 hurdles on Saturday

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TERRE HAUTE -- Northview's Joel Whittington accomplished a lot Saturday in the Big Four Track and Fields Meet at Terre Haute South High School .

Whittington won the 110-meter high hurdles, 300-meter low hurdles, finished second in the 100 and 200-meter dashes, scouted opponents for the Western Indiana Conference Meet this week at Edgewood, looked over the sectional field and figure out what he needed to work on before those meets.

"I wish I could have come out of the blocks a little faster in the 100 (meter dash), but it was still a pretty good race, weather conditions considered. I got going pretty good, it's just the start is 90 percent of the 100," Whittington said after being congratulated for two firsts.

Whittington's performances led Northview's boys track team to 45 points and third place in the 13th annual Big Four. Terre Haute North topped Terre Haute South 100-71.

"It's a little disappointing (to finish third) because we had a good meet about a week ago against South and beat them by one at our home (track). South has just got a lot more depth and in a meet like this depth kind of hurts us. About every event we scored in, they scored two people in. We'll look at the results and see what we can do at sectionals and decide what (events) we can put people in (to advance)," Northview coach Chad Smith said.

Northview's girls took seven second places en route to a third-place finish. North's girls won the 112-67 over South and Northview scored 57 points.

Northview girls coach Ryland Tucker said, "Long jump, discus, 100-hurdles, 4x100 (relay) did pretty good."

Northview's Whittington won the 110-meter high hurdles in 16.72 seconds and the 300-hurdles in 43 seconds.

"(Joel) had a great meet. Joel's done this all year long. He is a tremendous athlete and he's able to run about any event we put him in. He's kind of sacrificing his body for the team, running the 110-high hurdles and the 100 [meter dash] back to back," coach Smith said.

Jordan Van Horn was third in the discus at the Big Four Meet.
Whittington's second place finishes set the stage for the WIC Meet this week at Edgewood . West Vigo 's Tyler Randolph edged Whittington in the 100 dash 11.51 to 11.69 seconds. Whittington took second in the 200 over West Vigo 's Jacob Creasey, 23.96 to 24.65 seconds.

"I'm hoping to just get back to my season (in the WIC). Maybe the weather will be a little bit better and just better running conditions and (I can) work on my block starts a little," Whittington said.

None of Whittington's times were season bests. With a cold wind raking the track, there were very few season bests and only one meet record (girls 4x800 relay) set.

"As cold and windy as it is you throw times out the window and worry about placing only," Smith said.

Northview's Conor Strain brought home two second places. Strain ran the 1600 in 4:41.50 for second to North's John Mascari at 4:31.33. Strain came back for a close second-place run in the 3200. North's Tyeson Mundy won in 10:20.64 to Strain's 10:21.16.

"(Strain) finished second in the (1600) probably to one of the state (meet) contenders in the (3200). (Terre Haute North's John) Mascari is a tremendous runner," coach Smith pointed out.

Strain started his day on Northview's third-place 4x800-meter relay with Tanner Brown, Damon Hyatt and Colin Richards.

Samantha Solomon led the Northview girls' effort with second places in the discus (97 feet, 1.5 inches) and shot put (33 feet, 3 inches). Sectional rival Arianne Bell of South won both events.

Northview's Annie Smiley might have a little revenge in mind in the 100-meter hurdles at the WIC Meet. West Vigo 's Brittany Solomon won in 16.7 seconds and Smiley took second in 16.84 seconds.

Jessica Thacker took second in the long jump even though she leaped just as far as Allison Vaeth of South. Both jumped 14-feet-11, but the tie-breaker (attempts) went to Vaeth.

Tara Summers took second for the Knights in the high jump, clearing 4-feet-10. Carlee Bell was second for Northview in the 200 dash in 28.18 seconds.

Northview will compete in the WIC Meet at Edgewood High School on Wednesday and Thursday.

Big Four Track and Field


Team scores: Terre Haute North (THN) 100, Terre Haute South (THS) 71, Northview (N) 45, West Vigo (WV) 28.

4x800 relay -- Terre Haute North 8:32.65 (Mascari, Tucker, Depasse, Davis); Terre Haute South 8:38.27 (Bender, Collier, Head, Young); Northview 9:24.00 (Brown, Hyatt, Richards, Strain).

100 -- Randolph (WV) :11.51; Whittington (N) :11.69; Swank (THS) :11.76; Weakley (THS) :11.77; Creasey (WV) :12.06.

110-HH -- Whittington (N) :16.72; Brainard (THN) :17.17; Wycoff (WV) :17.62; Patterson (THS) :17.94; Cole (THS) :18.36.

1600 -- Mascari (THN) 4:31.33; Strain (N) 4:41.50; Hambrock (THS) 4:52.06; Head (THS) 4;54.94; Bertsch (THN) 4:58.53.

4x100 relay -- Terre Haute North :45.51 (Schefke, Strader, Strassler, Swank); West Vigo :46.55 (Wycoff, Randolph, Deal, Cramer); Terre Haute South :47.40 (Seibert, Weakley, Bishop, Stephens).

400 -- King (THN) :52.65; Dagnon (THS) :54.36; Moore (THN) :55.80; Flora (N) :55.97; Carter (WV) :58.66.

300-hurdles -- Whittington (N) :43.00; Wycoff (WV) :43.49; Seibert (THS) :44.49; Brainard (THN) :46.75; Patterson (THS) :47.34.

800 -- J. Davis (THN) 2:08.03; Young (THS) 2:10.44; Collier (THS) :2:13.25; Depasse (THN) 2:15.01; Hyatt (N) 2:16.92.

200 -- Strassler (THN) :23.77; Whittington (N) :23.96; Creasey (WV) :24.65; Williams (THS) :24.85; Dagnon (THS) :25.36.

3200 -- Mundy (THN) 10:20.64; Strain (N) 10:21.16; Query (THN) 10:29.59; Harlan (THS) 10:39.08; Head (THS) 11:13.33.

4x400 -- Terre Haute North 3:41.20 (Strassler, Hare, King, J. Davis); Terre Haute South 3:48.21 (Dagnon, Collier, Williams, Young); Northview 3:50.25 (Flora, Brown, Barnett, Hyatt).

High jump -- Jaeger (THS) 6 ft.; Hudson (THN) 6-0; Moore (THN) 5-8; Smith (THS) 5-8; Reynolds (N) and Durcholz (N) 5-6.

Long jump -- Rubey (THS) 20 ft. 0.5 in.; Scank (THN) 18-11; Myers (THS) 18-7; Guyman (WV) 18-1; Pollard (N) 17-8.5.

Pole vault -- Curley (THN) 13 ft.; Van Bever (THN) 12-6; Deal (WV) 12-0; Durcholz (N) 10-0; Clark (WV) 9-6.

Shot put -- L. Davis (THN) 43 ft.; Riggs (THN) 42-6.5; Sullivan (THS) 42-6; Stewart (N) 39-6.5; VanHorn (N) 38-0.

Discus -- 120 ft. 8 in., Sullivan (THS); Bennett (THS) 119-7; Van Horn (N) 118-1.5; L. Davis (THN) 116-10.5; Riggs (THN) 111-8.


Team scores: Terre Haute North (THN) 112, Terre Haute South (THS) 67, Northview (N) 57, West Vigo (WV) 8.

4x800 Relay -- Terre Haute North 10:05.03 (meet record by Goatee, Cotterman, Dickerson, Jones); Terre Haute South 1:16.26 (Wrin, Bailey, Fazekas, Stephens); Northview 11:33.93 (Junker, Laue, Martin, Sands).

100 -- Burkins (THN) :13.39; Borders (THN) :13.75; Bell (N) :13.80; Vaeth (THS) :13.81; Stearley (N) :13.92.

100-Hurdles -- Solomon (WV) :16.70; Smiley (N) :16.84; Stockton (THS) :18.24; Thacker (N) :18.81; Brewer (THS) :18.82.

1600 -- Howes (THN) 5:54.56; Loeb ker (THN) 5:56.98; Laue (N) 6:22.17; Beckman (THS) 6:29.13; Sands (N) 6:38.91.

4x100 relay -- Terre Haute North :52.63 (Burkins, McFadden, Hasbrouck, Borders); Northview :54.38 ( Bell , Smiley, Stearley, Thacker); Terre Haute South :55.54 (Brewer, Ellis, Faekas, Allen).

400 -- Burkins (THN) 1:02.93; Vaeth (THS) 1:03.33; Dickerson (THN) 1:04.07; Nasser (THS) 1:05.63; Schultz (N) 1;09.94.

300-hurdles -- Goatee (THN) :51.38; Greenberg (THN) :51.99; Brewer (THS) :52.60; Solomon (WV) :53.72; Summers (N) :54.42.

800 -- Goatee (THN) 2;31.29; Cotterman (THN) 2;34.85; Wrin (THS) 2:48.38; Thomas (THS) 2:53.75; Laue (N) :2:57.55.

200 -- Burkins (THN) :27.49; Bell (N) :28.18; Borders (THN) :28.55; Ellis (THS) :29.20; Brewer (THS) :30.20.

3200 -- Mundy (THN) 11:31.31; Mullican (THN) 12:02.76; Stephens (THS) 13:31.53; Dalina (THS); Sands (N) 14:23.87.

4x400 -- Terre Haute South 4:34.23 (Fazekas, Vaeth, Ellis, Nasser); Terre Haute North 4:42.85 (Goatee, Dickerson, Humphrey, McFadden); Northview 4:44.69 (Summers, Schultz, Martin, Bell ).

High jump -- Clark (THN) 5 ft.; Summers (N) 4-10; Myers (THS) 4-10; Stearley (N) 4-10; Pink (THS) 4-10.

Long jump -- Vaeth (THS) 14 ft. 11 in.; Thacker (N) 14-11; Hasbrouck (THN) 14-4.5; Fears (THN) 14-4; Stockton (THS) 13-7.

Pole vault -- Welker (THN) 9 ft.; Goatee (THN) 8-6; Smiley (N) 8-0; Allen (THS) 8-0; Thacker (N) 7-0.

Shot put -- Bell (THS) 38 ft. 3 in.; Solomon (N) 33-3; Turpin (THN) 32-8; Beil (N) 29-7; Larsen (THN) 29-5.5.

Discus -- Bell (THS) 118 ft. 3 in.; Solomon (N) 97-1.5; Bex (N) 84-8.5; Mauer (THN) 84-3.5; Larsen (THN) 77-8.