Letter to the Editor

Thank you for helping the cause

Sunday, May 9, 2010

To The Editor:

Getting ready to take the wife to Greencastle, I was hailed down by Dr. Rick Rodgers, saying "have you got a minute? I have something for you."

As neighbors, we have gotten UPS items for each other when one wasn't home.

I pulled in Dr. Rodgers' drive and he went in his business and came out with a slip of paper, and to my surprise, it was a nice size donation toward the Vet mini-van needed by the VA office for Clay County.

And then I received this phone call from a fellow who asked if I was going to be home for a while and followed up with a visit a short while later.

He introduced himself as a fellow vet and said he wanted to help and asked how things were shaping up.

I told him the American Legion dinner was all set up and that the Eagles at the corner of State Road 59 and Main Street was all set for a pork chop dinner. And the only thing I still had to get was a hog for the hog roast at the National Guard Armory June 11. He immediately said, "I'm buying the hog," and whipped out his wallet with the money for the same.

I told him it was too much, and he said to spend the remainder on potato salad. So folks, you will also have potato salad along with your baked beans and coleslaw down at the Armory Friday evening, from 4-7 p.m., on State Road 59.

Thanks Walt Moore.

And we should have more like you in Brazil and Clay County would be a better place.

Hope to see you at the Eagles on May 22 at their pork chop dinner.

And, too, thanks to The Brazil Times for covering our fundraising dinners so that we can honor our vets with trips to and from vet hospitals and/or area hospitals and doctor appointments.

Checks may be dropped off at any Riddell National Bank. Make sure you write for mini-van in the bottom corner as the VA office is closed most of the week. Or drop off at the V.F.W. club on South Depot Street in the afternoons, or contact Commander Bob Bigley or Sarge Marion Eveland and they can pick up your donation. Any cash or receipt will be given on the spot.

"Sarge" Marion Eveland,