Letter to the Editor

Jerry Joe has been found

Sunday, May 9, 2010

To the Editor:

Jerry Joe Froderman's great adventure is finally over.

Our boxer was found in the woods north of Restlawn Cemetery. His journey stretched from North Walnut Street to East Pinckley, then up Murphy Avenue, behind the hospital and then up to the woods, where he was found after nine days of wandering.

Many thanks to all who called and reported seeing him as he wandered around town. A special thank you to Mary Lou Sartor, who kept finding him on her porch only to see him head again back into the woods.

On Wednesday afternoon, she alerted us to his being spotted again by the mowers in the cemetery, he was finally apprehended.

A trip to the vet showed that he had probably been hit and had received a dislocated hip.

After surgery and an overnight stay in the Animal Hospital in Anderson, Ind., he finally returned home.

We thank all of you who cared enough to watch for him and who called with any news.

He is so happy to be back home. But he still has been grounded.

Many thanks,

Doug and Melissa Froderman,