Letter to the Editor

Squelching the rumors

Sunday, May 9, 2010

To the Editor:

My name is Kevin Ringo and I am the owner and operator of Maurizio's Pizza here in Brazil.

My store has been the subject of a couple of rumors recently and I thought they would just go away, but it has become apparent that they will not fade, so I feel I need to address them to stop the confusion out there.

Rumor No. 1 is that I have sold Maurizio's to another local businessman. This is absolutely not true. I have heard rumors such as this off and on for several years, but this time, the story has not only persisted, but also grown. Like all good rumors, this one has grown as more and more details are added to the story. I have been seen in several different banks signing over the business as well as the courthouse exchanging documents. The selling price is even out there. Again, none of this is true. I have owned and operated Maurizio's for the past 24 years and with a little luck, I hope to be here another 24 years. I have not, nor am I, planning on selling my business.

Rumor No. 2 has me packing up the store and moving across United States 40 and opening up in the old Blue Bonnet building.

Again, not true. Evidently, there will be a new Italian restaurant opening across the highway, but it is not my store. At this point, there is a chance that the new restaurant will have a name eerily similar to my store, and I hope to end all confusion here. The Maurizio's that has been serving Brazil and the surrounding area for the past 37 years, 24 under my ownership, and 13 under the ownership of the Campbell family, is not moving anywhere, so please do not get confused.

The point of this letter is not to get some free advertising for my store. I simply want to dispel the rumors that have been floating around not only in Brazil, but also as far as two hours away.

In my 24 years in business, there have been many new additions to your dining options in Brazil, and competition is the lifeblood of American business. Businesses such as Pappy's Bar-B-Q, Mario Bros., The Alamo, Time Out, Goodies Galore, and the Sunrise Family Restaurant are just some of the many new dining opportunities that have been introduced over the years in Brazil that deserve your attention.

In closing, again, Maurizio's has not been sold and we are not moving anywhere. Choose to dine where you wish, but if you choose Maurizio's, be assured we will be exactly where we have been for the past 30-plus years.

Thank you for your past, present and future patronage. Have a great day.

Kevin Ringo,