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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Harmony Happenings

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I saw the first hummingbird fly up to the feeder for a drink but he was out of luck. All he got for his trouble was a slight tone from the wind chime. Realizing the error of my ways, I brewed up a pan of sugar water yesterday. I hope the little hummer comes back because he was obviously a return guest. The hyper flyer knew right where that feeder was supposed to be. We were both disappointed that we missed the show. Today, the sugar port is open for business.

Sister-in-law Karen and I headed to Loogootee to celebrate a birthday with friends last Thursday. We had a really good meal at Stoll's Lakeview. It was just okay a few months ago but seemed to be back to its good and fattening Amish-style food again. The pork chops were great. I don't eat much red meat so they were especially tasty.

We exchanged presents and had rounds of chatting and laughing. Everyone caught up on what was going on in our families. Linda reminded her husband that he could only have the desserts with a toothpick (to mark them as sugar free). We all laughed when Jack pulled a toothpick out of his pocket to mark his coconut pie "sugar free." His insulin level told no lies later.

Karen and I apologized for being a few minutes late. My recycled Ranger just had to pull over at the Mum Lady's Garden. She didn't have acres of mums right now but she had added two greenhouses full of absolutely gorgeous plants. We had dirt on us before we even made it to lunch.

After eating, Karen and I found every plant, craft, and antique shop in Loogootee, Montgomery, and Washington. I hate regular shopping but crafts and antiques are different. I bought neither but had fun looking for the perfect little table I have had in mind for a few months.

Good friend Sharene Wallenbrock called to say she would be passing through Harmony on her way to Clinton in a couple of weeks. We are getting together at Chaney's Restaurant. I intended to call a couple of other friends I thought might like to see her but haven't gotten it done. Rachel and Arline, if I don't call you, call me.

My favorite and only niece Erin and her hubby Joey just returned from a cruise. Both came home with a cold and a smile. They had a good time. Home is still Orlando unfortunately. I wish they were closer.

Erin and Joey have an addition to the family. They adopted a dachshund. She is so cute and so spoiled. She has her own blankie and her own car seat. John and Eva now have snapshots of the Grandpup to show when friends pull out pictures of their grandchildren.

The Clark Family gathered at their little farm east of town for Mother's Day. We tried to spoil Christine a little but she is always trying to take care of everyone else. It was a perfect day to just sit on the deck and relax. The air was cool and breezy enough to keep away bugs but warm enough to need only a light sweater. Just perfect.

Dave and Jenifer Clark's girls seemed to have the best time. They played with the dogs and went fishing in the pond. Sidda grabbed her freshly caught bluegill and ran up to the deck to show it off. She then ran just as hard to get it safely back into the water to swim away for another day.

The guys did a great job of grilling. The burgers and dogs were just right for most of us. Sailor Clark wondered what that black stuff was, inside the bun, but most of us like a little char on our dogs. You know they have been cooked outdoors. Hot dogs just don't taste right without a touch of black on the edges.

Harmony United Methodist Women will not have a regular meeting this month due to the Mother/Daughter Banquet. The Banquet was a success. Over 50 ladies attended. Jana Sinders of Outback Gardens gave a PowerPoint about plants, containers, companion planting, and pests. She gave everyone a Fire and Ice dianthus to plant at home.

The food was really good. Harmony is blessed with good cooks. I sometimes feel intimidated. I can cook some dishes but not like those ladies. I would never want to show one of my cream pies next to Erie Bell or Opal Shopmeyer. Those ladies are the Queens of Cream Pie. Delicious. I would only make potato casserole if I knew Judy Maurer was not bringing hers. Mine would never be able to compete. Meatloaf? Mine would never compare to Rose Marie Pell's meatloaf.

The banquet was such a wonderful opportunity to share time, food, and fellowship with one another.

I was glad to see a celebrity taking on the issue of texting while driving. Oprah is good about addressing various problems. Almost every time I go somewhere, there is a near miss of some kind because the other person was on their cell phone, talking or texting.

The cell phone has become a strange status symbol. Look how busy I am. Look how important I am. Everyone wants to talk to me. I can just ignore you because I am on my cell phone. If you don't notice me, I can talk even louder on my cell phone. I can live dangerously and break the law and probably not get caught. Look I am talking on the latest fashion accessory. All my friends have a cell, Mom. Call me.

Did you ever listen in on that earth shattering conversation? That conversation that causes people to interrupt even the most important of other tasks must be monumental. It usually sounds something like, "no, not doing much. How about you? I'm in...Where are you? Did you hear what he said, she said, about...? Now, I'm on 40 going to...? Where are you now? Whatcha' doin' tomorrow?"

Throw in a few expletives in some groups, and most conversations sound about the same. You hear them everywhere you go. I doubt the ones inside the vehicle sound much different. For these words, we risk life and limb?

Most of the folks my age bought their phones for emergencies like car trouble. Then they became the shop and compare tools, then the scheduler, then the check on family devices, then the long distance service. Now they do all of that plus games, pictures, calendars, etc. For younger people the cell phones are just another body part, one that causes total paralysis if it doesn't work. For almost all age groups, they are now part of the necessities of life.

I like most of what a cell phone does, although I use only the basic applications. I really don't have time for most of it. Life is too precious to spend all of it on the phone.

The new high-tech models come out faster than I can make a decision on which one is best for me. By the time I learn the name of what I think I want, it is obsolete.

I want that one, no that one, maybe tomorrow's model will be even better. No one ever accuses me of texting while driving. I have never caught that bug. Texting rates right up there with the telegraph as far as I am concerned. I like talking, and hearing the other person's voice not typing to them in some shorthand code. Otherwise, I like cell phones and all those little magic screens.

Cell phones while driving, I don't like. If the caller is important, they deserve your undivided attention. If not, they can wait. Those smart little devices are going to tell you who called. Call them back when you are parked. If there is no caller ID, you don't want to call it back anyway.

I have never lost a friend because I said, "Wait, I have to get pulled over. I am on the road." You can do that without even putting the phone to your ear. Just click, speak loudly, and lay the thing down on the seat. Some friends and family even compliment me for pulling over to carry on a conversation.

Some people like to have that phone right in their ear all the time. I want to be able to hear horns, ambulances, and the radio when driving. Those of you who took driver's ed with me, back in the old Van Buren days, know I don't need any distraction when driving. Besides, I am no beauty queen. Having a fungus stuck on my ear, does nothing to enhance my image.

No phone, no matter how user friendly, is as important as your life or the life of other motorists. I think the recent statistics showed traffic accidents, many due to phones use, as the number one killer of teenagers. Let me know if I got that wrong.

Oprah is doing a better job of spreading the word, but I had to throw in my two cents. The problem is epidemic. I would bet you couldn't drive 10-15 minutes without encountering at least one cell phone abuser on the road.

Related subject: Does anyone have the new Mac notebook? I would like to know how you like it. I have been looking at computers, and think that is the one, but heard there were some problems with getting software. And no, I won't be using it while I drive. Give me a call 448-8734.

Happy Birthday to Carly Pell & Janet Bridgewater (13th), Bob Nicoson (23rd), Ray Smith (24th), Ella London (30th). Happy Anniversary to Chris and Susie Pell (9th), Mark and Rae Ann Howald (30th).

Events at Harmony United Methodist:

May 16 -- Worship Service 9 a.m., Sunday School 10:30 a.m., Study of Revelations 6 p.m.

May 19 -- Bible Study 9 a.m., Clay County Quilters 10 a.m. -3 p.m.