Letter to the Editor

The vehicles are never safe

Sunday, May 16, 2010

To The Editor:

I am writing this letter after the unfortunate event that happened on May 15, 2010.

When you think your vehicles are safe sitting at work, then think again.

My wife was leaving her place of employment around 4 a.m., this morning, only to find that certain individuals had felt the need to get in our vehicle and rip our dash out of it, pull wires out of the dash, and damage the steering column, then pulled the stereo out, the amp and the subwoofers out of the vehicle.

We have been informed of who one of the individuals are, and I am sure you know who you are.

If the life of theft is how you prefer to make a living instead of making an honest days wages for an honest days work, then as this old saying goes, it will come back on you 10-full.

All I can say in this whole matter is everyone involved in the aftermath of ZJ was a great help, especially to the officer who came down and did a complete look over the vehicle.

Hopefully, once and for all, justice will finally take control of the person('s) involved and I can be reimbursed the amount for the loss and damages:

* Steering column -- $1,339.99,

* Dash Benzel -- $259.99,

* Wiring Harness -- $369.99,

* Stereo -- $100,

* TS-W303R -- $100,

* Audiobahn -- $129.99,

* F2-2500 SSL -- $249.99, and

* 1600 watt wire kit -- $80.

For a grand total without labor charges and sales tax, of $2,629.95.

So, I really hope the couple hundred, if that much, was worth all the extra I will be putting out to fix my vehicle after you felt the need to violate it.

Tim Dickison,