Letter to the Editor

Program needs volunteers

Sunday, May 23, 2010

To the Editor:

My name is Sharon Crawford and I have submitted previous letters to the editor to inform people of the share food program with great response, but still need help to put this program on.

This program is on a goodwill basis and is once a month for approximately one to three-and-a-half hours depending on what you do.

It is a program that you pay less for more food and is for anyone. This is what is needed. We get at the First Christian Church by 7:30 and shortly afterward the semi comes with the food, which at that time, we need strong men to unload the food.

We are very fortunate to have some caring volunteers that help with the unloading, but need more. While the men are bringing in the food, we have to set up heavy tables so we can put the food in order and count so we make sure we get what was ordered and in the order that it is to be passed out in ensure everyone gets what they ordered.

The third set of workers we need are someone to write out the orders for the next time and someone to take the money and people to hand out the food about seven and one person at the end to make sure everyone got what they paid for.

We also fill for the high rise and we need people to get those ready and to deliver them. After all the food is picked up, we have to take the heavy tables down and put away and vacuum the floor and cut down all the boxes and get rid of them and take the food that was not picked up.

We need a replacement for Maggie Morlan, who orders all the food and organizes all of the food.

I love doing this, but it is getting harder and harder for all the same people and even though we are so appreciative of the ones we have, there is never enough and sometimes, we are very short.

I am putting this in the paper to bring awareness because I feel there are retired people or organizations or youth groups who would like to help.

If anyone could even work a small part of one of these jobs, it would be a help.

It is a great program, but like everything else, it doesn't work without people. If you are interested in helping, please call Sharon Crawford at 442-1061 after 5:30, or Maggie Morlan at 448-9501.

Thank you,

Sharon Crawford,