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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Brazil Buzz

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I cannot stop humming and singing Uncle Remus's favorite song this sunshiny day.

Yep, I have been out, walking and drinking in the beautiful sights that surround me.

No bluebird has ever landed on my shoulder, but my little cheerful friends enjoy the place that I love so much.

The busy bright blue thrushes with the reddish brown bellies selected my best birdhouses and set up their temporary living quarters in early spring.

I like that!

I will finish planting the garden this week. What I do have planted in the ground and sizable containers are doing quite well, especially the potatoes.

The plants always produce nicely in the rich soil, at the homestead.

Garden insects have not been a problem in recent years. That is a good thing, because I avoid the use of pesticides whenever possible.

Gone are the days when my family and I washed our hands in Rotenone picking off dead and dying potato bugs in the rolls of our large patches.

I can still see Dad spooning the powder into the sprinkler cans filled with well water.

The musty smell still permeates my nostrils, when I think about the dangerous plant treatments.

I have been following the progress of several other gardeners effort's through Facebook and pleasant conversation elsewhere. Gardening is a hobby that grows on a person, does it not.

My sister, Sandra and her husband, Gilbert Gallardo dined with me last Friday.

They loved the menu, which included, along side parmesan chicken and other tasty fare, green beans and red potatoes seasoned with jowl bacon.

Those beans were from last season's harvest.

The vegetable tasted great. We could not have asked for more, but we did.

I baked a peanut butter pie. An Amish woman, Mary Yoder, passed it on to others and me via TV. The pie is decadent and so simple to make.

All you will need if you decide to try it is a baked pie shell, 1/2 to a cup of crunchy peanut butter, 1/2 cup or more if needed of powdered sugar.

Mix together into crumbles. Scatter half of the mixture on the bottom of the average size shell and set the remainder aside. Add cooled vanilla pie filling, boxed or homemade, to the pie. I prefer the latter.

Scatter the remainder of the crumbles onto top of the filling. Spread whipped cream over your pie, chill and serve.

You and your guests will love it. So that your belly will love it too, do not go back for a second piece for a while.

I am lucky to have so many peonies in my yard. I decorate the graves of my loved ones with them. Recent rains ruined the white flowers. The beautiful pinks and reds will bloom in time to put them where pieces of my heart will always be.

The blooms remain on the graves a couple of days, and then; the flowers and containers are removed. The mowing crew appreciates that.

After the grass is cut, I return with more tokens for my loved ones and friends until the fragrant flowers that fill the tractor tires drop their last petals.

I have that bluebird of happiness following me around, I am upbeat and not angry or worried. Now I wonder why my blood pressure is so out of whack, lately.

Maybe, I put too much on my plate without taking the craze lines and a silver lining into consideration.

Nathan James Williams died May 15, 2010.

I send my condolence to Glen and Theresa Williams and family. My thoughts are with you.

Thanks to the readers of "The Neighbor's Page" for reading "Brazil Buzz." I am grateful!

I can be reached by phone at 446-4852 or by email at pmlsartor@aol.com.