Letter to the Editor

Reader: Clean the areas up

Monday, May 31, 2010

To the Editor:

I am typing this letter in hopes that all of the taxpayers can see where their money is really going.

I have grown up in the Brazil area and was a resident for more than 30 years. Nice town, and nice people. No complaints on that part.

What really makes me wonder is what the deal is with areas and the people that seem to live off of the assistance of welfare and housing? I mean, no one has ever said anything about the fact that the government pays for people to eat, sleep and shower at West Central Village, and have for many years, but the people who live there don't even care enough to keep the area clean and picked up.

That area has looked like that as long as I can remember. Why do the people of Brazil let these people get away with this? Cops patrolling through there all of the time, yet we sit back and do nothing.

I understand that people need assistance, for I too, have been there, like lots of people down on their luck. But I took it upon myself to find a job and made better for myself and family.

There is an old saying that goes something like this, "there is a difference between being poor and being lazy."

That leads me to say that there should be a cutoff on how long a person can "milk the system." I mean, after six months and no job, and no applications being passed out to companies that hire every day, even during economic difficulties. McDonald's is always hiring.

These people are feeding off the innocent workers and take no responsibilities in bettering their lives.

Wake up and take a notion to better the areas and get rid of the old news and make a place safe for kids to play, and not only multiply.

While speaking of government housing, what about the Pines apartments of Harmony? Anyone seen that area lately? Almost identical to West Central Village.

We need to start filing complaints on things like that, instead of on people speaking their mind in the editorial section of The Times.

Come on, Brazil. Worm these loafers out and help the ones that really need it and will only be there for a short amount of time and move on with their lives.


Jason Litz,

Terre Haute