Letter to the Editor

Getting poor phone treatment

Sunday, June 6, 2010

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter to say how disappointed I am in the reception that I got when I called the Center Point Animal Rescue Center.

I had to first look the number up online as it was not in the phone book.

When I called it, the female person answering the phone just said hello.

I had to ask if this was the rescue center.

She replied with yes. I proceeded to ask if anyone had picked up a small Terrier type dog in the Brazil city limits between Tuesday evening and now (being Thursday) and the reply was nope and then a click.

I think that this was very unprofessional.

I was calling because my dog of four years slipped out from my daughter's house on Tuesday night and has not been seen since.

I am sick to think of her out there and feel that I should have been treated with a little respect when asking if she had been picked up.

I, and many others in Brazil, are not happy that the city did not renew the contract with the local center here in Brazil.

If someone needed to have the people from Center Point come to town for any reason then by the time that they got here, their need would probably be gone.

Why must the city waste money that way?

I am not saying that I would have gotten any better treatment if I would have called here in town, but I might have.

I had already spoken to someone that works there the night before and they had not seen her come there.

I was doing my part to try and track my animal so that she would be taken care of and they treated me like I was an imposition to them to ask of her whereabouts.

I, for one, would like to see that we keep our money here in our city.

I would like to see our local shelter get their contract renewed when that time comes around again.

One unhappy person of poor telephone treatment.

Kate O'Neal,